Apple To Soon Enable FaceTime Over 3G?


According to a new warning found in the latest version of Apple’s iOS, FaceTime may soon work over 3G.

When the FaceTime feature was originally released in 2010, the feature only worked over a Wi-Fi connection. At the time there were ongoing plans to bring FaceTime to 3G so that users can use their wireless carrier connection to go on FaceTime.

One of the biggest complaints about FaceTime is that it’s restricted to Wi-Fi use only, which does not make the feature as flexible when compared to a regular phone call.

As seen with this new error, if a FaceTime call is active over Wi-Fi on an iPhone running at least iOS 5.1 and the user turns off the ‘Enable 3G’ option in the settings, an error pops up warning users that “Disabling 3G may end FaceTime. Are you sure you want to disable 3G?”

While choosing disable on the error message does not affect the call, the warning suggests that FaceTime works with 3G. Since the feature does not actually work yet with 3G, this error message could mean that FaceTime may soon be compatible with 3G.




  • Jay

    only took them 2 years wile all the other phones have had it for over 5 years that shows how old school apple is always 5 or 6 years behind and people always say apple is best phone on the market wile
    Samsung Galaxy s2 S3
    are ahead and will be for very long time keep dreaming apple

  • Guest

    Right…and the carriers had no say. I’m sure Apple doesn’t care, but the carriers don’t want a crush of extra data.

  • Adriano

    Wait I read an article (from iphoneincanada) back when 5.0 was released saying users on a certain network had this already available. I think it was Verizon? Maybe AT&T (doubt it)… But I defiantly remember reading that!

  • Jduckets11

    Yup it’d a carrier issue not apple so to break it to you Jay. My iPhone is jailbroke an I simply FaceTime over 3g

  • For me personally, the problem with FaceTime is it’s limited to Apple hardware. While it would be nice to be able to use it over 3G and LTE, not everyone in my family and circle of friends has Apple hardware – so any video chatting I want to do has to be used with a cross platform capable client anyway and many of those work over 3G already.

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  • Well, that must have been some blessing. And your name…it’s so unusual. Is it European?

  • Kayla

    I’m on the Telus network and I am able to FaceTime using 3G , but I’m scared its going to use up a bunch if my data , does anyone know if it uses data ??