Apple To Swap Macbook Pros With iPads At Apple Store Genius Bars

Apple Geniuses, who are selected by Apple after intensive training at Cupertino headquarters and have extensive knowledge of all things Apple, are usually found at Apple Store Genius Bars carrying their Macbook Pros which they use in order to facilitate repairs, look up customer information, and order new parts. However, 9to5Mac is reporting that as early as next week, these MacBook Pros will by replaced by iPads in at least some Apple retail stores which are believed to vastly improve the overall customer experience.

Detailing from the source:

Apple replacing the stationary MacBook Pros with iPads for Genius Bar functions is a major move that will not only make the Genius’ job easier, but provide a much better experience for Apple’s customers that are looking for repairs and/or help from the Genius Bar. The MacBook Pros are stationary so they cannot be moved from the Genius Bar. The iPads are portable, so the tablets can allow Geniuses to essentially help customers anywhere in the store. This would open up space at the Genius Bar and allow repairs to be facilitated much more quickly.

Typically, the Genius Bar can only service as many people as computers at one time at the Genius Bar. Now, due to the size and price of iPads, Apple could service more people at one time at the Genius Bar by installing multiple iPads.

It has also been reported that Apple’s retail software team is working on ways for customers to be able to sign their signatures on iPads, rather than on printed pieces of paper.

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  • Anonymous

    “usually found atApple Store Genius Bars carrying their Macbook Pros”
    That statement struck me as wrong from the start. You might want to re-write that, since it’s the most important part of the change to iPads – the MacBooks are not carried around, they are at the Genius Bar only.

  • Anonymous

    Uh… That’s exactly what it says… The statement you quoted is about an Apple Genius…

  • Anonymous

    I know what the quote is about – it says the Geniuses carry their MacBook Pros – they don’t.

  • How old are you? Simple minds

  • Roderick Rose