Apple Starts Training Employees for Upcoming iPhone Trade-In Program

According to MacRumors, Apple has started its training at retail stores for its upcoming iPhone trade-in program, with a launch coming soon:

There has been little in the way of update on Apple’s plans for the program since June, but MacRumors has now received word from several sources reporting that Apple is indeed beginning to prepare its store employees for the program. Apple has reportedly sent materials to its stores to support the initiative, while the first line of store trainers will be receiving instruction about the program today. Those trainers will then begin training other store employees next week ahead of a program launch.

Back in June, Bloomberg reported Apple was set to launch the trade-in program to boost iPhone sales within retail stores, a partnership with mobile phone distributor Brightstar. There’s no word whether this program is set to launch here, but when asked our retail sources said it would “likely” come to Canada.

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  • Chrome262

    Looks similar in pricing on what EBgames is doing, although its only for their stock, so you can’t really put it towards a new phone. Wonder what they would offer for a 5, when the S comes out. That would be interesting.

  • DickGozinya

    They’ll offer about half its used resale value like most of these ‘sell your phone’ scammers. Just sell it on kijiji or craigslist. The average going rates for the 4/4s/5 (16gb) are 200/325/450…

  • reformcanada

    I still would rather sell mine on Kijiji. I know I’ll get more money in the end.

  • Chrome262

    True, but there is the whole having to meet creepy people thing lol. Last few phones I have just given to relatives.

  • DickGozinya

    True, but you can successfully avoid the serfs by strong wording in your ad. Works for me every time I resort to selling something to an unknown.

  • Anon

    Actually, the last 2 generations of iPhones I sold on Craigslist, a 3GS and the 4 a year later, were bought by young good-looking girls. Both picked up at my place. Also sold my last iPad to what I would consider a really hot MILF. LOL. Nothing “creepy” about that. 😉

  • Chrome262

    Interesting way to meet women lol

  • J. W.

    Wait…did the girls pick up the phones, or did you pick up the two girls? =)