Apple TV 4K with HDR Spotted in HomePod Firmware


Apple’s HomePod firmware continues to shed light on the company’s future product roadmap, with now more evidence pointing to a 4K Apple TV with HDR.

The reference was spotted by iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, who noticed references to a 4K Apple TV with HDR, plus support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision:

Screenshot 2017 08 05 15 16 01

Last month, signs of a 4K Apple TV were theorized after iTunes purchase history for some customers noted listings in both 4K and HDR.

Apple’s current fourth-gen Apple TV does not support 4K, rather only 1080P.

HomePod firmware has already leaked the iPhone 8 front display design, plus references to “Pearl ID” face recognition, which may support Apple Pay. Earlier this week, developers found references to 4K video at 60 FPS for both the front and rear iPhone 8 cameras in HomePod firmware as well.

Are you ready for a 4K Apple TV?

[via The Verge]


  • Tim

    Sold my 3rd gen recently and bought a $200 Minix android box that does 4K. This thing is basically a desktop PC with a remote (that has a keyboard on the back). In fact you could easily attach a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you wanted. It runs virtually everything in the play store. Sure, it’s about 80% as elegant as an Apple UI, but 300% more capable. I don’t see the point of Apple TV at all, unless you’re using Apple Music I guess.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Apple TV is best for KODI since it’s fast and has voice search. Android TV (MiBox, Shield etc.) is best for YouTube – the Apple TV trackpad makes as much sense to select videos as it would selecting floors on an elevator. Terrible interface choice.