‘Apple TV Air’ – Apple’s Chromecast-Like HDMI Dongle [CONCEPT]


CURVED/labs has just published an amazing Google Chromecast-like ‘Apple TV Air’ HDMI dongle concept, which as we are told via email, has been produced by designer Martin Hajek for the German website. Last week, Hajek took design cues from the iPhone 5S / iPad Air and came up with a brilliant next-generation Apple TV concept, featuring a brand new design, gold / silver colours and a touch screen remote.

Appletvair D1

Apple is widely rumoured to introduce the redesigned, fourth generation Apple TV this spring. But instead of a full blown set-top box, the designer has now imagined Apple’s version of Chromecast, Google’s highly successful HDMI dongle that went on sale in Canada last week for $39. Referred to as the ‘Apple TV Air’, it provides the cheapest possible way to experience the Apple TV and costs only $49.

Appletvair A1

Appletvair bonus1 1

Below are the main features of ‘Apple TV Air’:

  • It consists of two parts: the HDMI ‘dongle’ (the actual Apple TV) and a small remote control, both sold together in one box for approx $49.
  • The dongle is powered through HDMI, while the remote has a small changeable battery like the current Apple TV remote
  • Connection over Bluetooth (IR not possible due to fact that the box will always be out of sight)
  • Made from plastic materials to keep costs down but maintaining  Apple’s trademark quality (think back to the first generation Apple iPod shuffle)

Let us know what you think of the concept!


  • SteveHiggs

    Awesome idea, except, from a design point of view, it sure would be frustrating. If I’m not mistaken that design will cover adjacent HDMI ports. For my specific setup I also require the optical audio out port on my Apple TV so I’d run into issues with this on there too. It’s great to see what the community comes up with tho! 🙂

  • Cool idea…with one major drawback. There doesn’t seem to be anyway to connect audio to a receiver using a fibre optic cable. I’m really hoping Apple continues to make this an option in future Apple TVs.

  • Ray Morin

    Cool Idea, nice design, fitting with Apple’s look, but not sure if power can be used from HDMI port, even the Chromecast uses a USB port on the TV for power, (although not always advertised that way). Or if your TV doesn’t have a USB port available it would then require a USB power adapter (sold separately). Like I said nice design and I’m sure my wife would love one less “box” on the shelf but still not totally practical for the wide range of support apple usually like to market to.

    As for the Guys wanting the Optical out, I here your point as my receiver isn’t new enough for hdmi sound, but most TV’s with HDMI inputs have a single Optical out, so that the individual devices don’t need to have the audio split the TV does the work. Anyway just my $0.02, long time reader first time commenter, be gentle…lol

  • Hi Ray thanks for commenting and sharing your thoughts!

    Don’t worry, we’ll protect you 🙂