Apple TV App Launches in Canada Sept. 19, Here are the Apps Supported [u]


The Apple TV app launched exclusively in the U.S. last year, unifying media for viewers, utilizing the power of Siri and Single Sign-On. Today, Apple announced expansion of this app, which will finally launch in Canada on September 19 for Apple TV 4, Apple TV 4K, iPad and iPhone.

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Here’s how Apple describes the app:

The Apple TV app lets you browse content from top video services without switching from one app to the next. You’ll find movies, shows and handpicked recommendations. The Apple TV app is coming soon, so get ready to enjoy it on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.

Support for the TV app includes the following services in Canada:

  • CBC TV
  • CraveTV
  • City
  • FX Now Canada
  • Treehouse
  • Hopster
  • MUBI
  • ICI
  • CuriosityStream
  • Sundance (new)
  • Shudder (new)

Update: removed Netflix, FibeTV. Added ICI

Update Sept 27: Added Sundance, Shudder

Apple also announced the Apple TV 4K today, priced at $229 CAD, which obviously should be the best way to view the TV app.


  • Gio

    Netflix?! is this correct?!

  • Glassbase

    I will believe all those when I see them working

  • Try using Siri with those apps, most of them support universal search now.

  • Glassbase

    I never did install tvOS because I was worried it would break the Fibe TV app which we use daily. So I will wait until I see an update from Bell confirming tvOS 11 support.

    My Fibe TV does not work on iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.

  • usher2005ca

    It’s cool because USA doesn’t have it on the app

  • usher2005ca

    No Global Go, TSN or Shaw Free Range

  • Kirk

    This was a very welcomed surprise! I am actually happy about this. Gives us hope for other streaming services. This was the one actual surprise that came out of the keynote that was NOT leaked.

  • Kirk

    fingers crossed….

  • Sam

    hopefully they and many more will be added at later date, like many services were in the US

  • So Young

    of course, Videotron’s illico isn’t there as expected… :/

  • raslucas

    Ya. The TSN issue… I’m lucky to have an Xbox One… I hope they’re working on it.

  • Metromiller

    What do you mean by the TSN issue and how does the XBOne resolve it? I’ll be a cable cutter as soon as I can have ALL my hockey (not just most of it) through paid, quality streaming and TSN media. I’d love to hear any thoughts.

  • raslucas

    Oh sorry. There’s a tsn app for Xbox one.

    For Hockey though, in the case of Canucks all their games are on Sportsnet. Or Gamecentre works too, though you need a vpn b/c blackouts.

  • What’s Videotron?

  • Nice to see Crave and Netflix support right out of the box, hopefully with live sports and news support through those few app publishers.

  • Jer

    Now I finally feel like I’m behind in tech when I need to go out a buy a 4K HDR tv to replace my $4000 top of the line Samsung 60″ 1080p tv from 2012. Sigh

  • Alison17

    But does City actually work? Crashes on my Apple TV 9/10 times!

  • Andrew Robertson

    Anyone get the Beta installed yesterday? Was the TV app there?

  • Haha…yes, we still need a 4K TV as well…it’s a good thing TVs have dropped in price now!

  • Shawn Gerrard

    Where did this list come from? FibeTV and Netflix weren’t on the screen during the keynote. Pretty sure this is not correct

  • Most are from here, plus the keynote–and apps in the App Store that support Siri for universal search:

  • Shawn Gerrard

    Yeah Netflix doesn’t work with the TV app, they aren’t the same. There was controversy in the US because Netflix works in Siri universal search but not the TV app. It just has support for 4K HDR. FibeTV definitely doesn’t support Siri universal search either. It does support voice serarch, the same way YouTube and most search fields do. These are the apps that support it:

  • Salvador

    There is an update from FibeTV for iPhone/iPad released 2 weeks ago that fixed the issue with iOS 11 (just after iOS 11 Beta 9 release). I just took the screenshot from my iPhone and FibeTV working

    I didn’t installed tvOS yet but my guess it should work as the iOS issue was already fixed

  • Salvador

    I really hope FibeTV will work with the Apple TV app. From the list of supported channels/apps, I only watch Sportsnet. All other channels I watch are app-less, so the only way to watch them on Apple TV, is through FibeTV which makes me save 7$/month for an extra decoder in my basement.

  • walk0080

    City TV and CBC TV apps are both complete and utter garbage on the Apple TV. The apps crash or the video stream fails, for me usually after the first set of commercials.

  • walk0080

    Nope it’s gone for Canada too.

    Would be nice if the “TV app” supported Netflix and Plex among others… like my iTunes shared library.

  • Victoria Gallant

    does anyone know if the OHL app work with AppleTV?

  • Fgyt

    Why did they remove Netflix