Apple TV in Canada Gets Bell’s CraveTV, Rogers’ Shomi, CBS Sports [PICS]


Apple TV in Canada today has been updated to bring three new channels: Bell’s CraveTV, Rogers and Shaw’s Shomi and also CBS Sports, as you can see below:

IMG 3001

Here is what Shomi looks like:

IMG 3002

Here is what CraveTV looks like:

IMG 3004

Bell said the following in a release:

“Our push to bring CraveTV to as many Canadians as possible continues through Apple TV,” said Domenic Vivolo, Executive Vice-President, Content Sales, and Distribution Marketing, Bell Media. “Apple TV delivers an amazing user experience with its clean interface and famous user-friendly design, elevating the CraveTV experience for our subscribers.”

CBS Sports just has clips and no live streaming tied to subscriptions like the USA:

IMG 3007

Both CraveTV and Shomi require subscriptions for access. CraveTV users are asked to visit and enter the 7 digit code shown on Apple TV, as is the same for Shomi:

Screenshot 2015 05 05 09 07 12

Bell’s CraveTV service is now available on Apple TV despite the former complaining the decision was in Apple’s court for not being on the set top box.


  • Rio

    This is awesome! Dont have to plug my laptop into the TV anymore!

  • David

    Any word yet on when Crave TV or Shomi will be available to the general public?

  • miggy_smalls

    Great! Activated Shomi on ATV and it was very easy, and surprisingly, the design and menus look good.

  • will

    You need to have subscription on cable service provider… what’s the point of this crap ?

  • Makes it easier to watch on your TV as the interface looks friendlier. Since Apple TV is portable, you can essentially hook up shomi/cravetv to any TV in your house, even if you don’t have a cable box, but as long as it supports HDMI.

  • Chrome262

    better then the PVR interface for sure. what I am wondering is I have TMNGO so doe that mean I can use crave?

  • RossSun

    I tried to use the activation code for Cravetv on my apple. I got the code input on the Cravetv activation webpage that was on my Apple TV. The Activation webpage said that “Your Apple TV device should be ready to use in a moment” but nothing on my Apple TV??? Am I doing something wrong? I did register with my local cable company for TVAnywhere. I can’t get my Activation to Cravetv on my Apple TV to active!!!

  • Dave Minard

    Agree, the CraveTV interface is awful. No search functionality alone makes using the Apple TV waaaay easier.

  • tod

    There is search

  • dannymalt

    When you were on CraveTV’s website, were you logged in? Maybe log in first, then go to the CraveTV/AppleTV link. That’s is my guess anyway.

  • Brad Rowley

    So western Canadian folks are out of luck unless they have a Telus TV subscription…