Apple TV in Canada Updated with TV Show Purchase Options


Update 1 (Dec 8, 2011): Looks like Apple has pulled the update.

It appears Apple TV units in Canada have quietly received an over the air update to introduce a new ‘TV Shows’ menu, as noted by 9to5Mac. When I turned on my Apple TV, the ‘TV Shows’ menu was not there–but within 10-15 seconds it quickly popped into the existing menu bar, next to ‘Movies’.

Within the TV Shows menu, below lies Top TV Shows, Genres, TV Networks, and Search. You can see listings for TV shows and prices, but when you try to purchase, an error will occur. The same goes for free shows from the limited number of networks listed. Nothing can be purchased, only a ‘Preview’ is available.

Clicking on Top TV Shows results in the following error:


You can navigate to the large thumbnails above, and as you can see below Breaking Bad episodes are available in $3.49, however you cannot buy anything yet. A ‘Preview’ option appears but that won’t even load:

The TV Networks listed are: Aardman Studios, A&E, History Channel, PBS, PBS Kids, Vivendi Entertainment, and VIZ Media.

…I did manage to get the ‘Preview’ playing for The Walking Dead though:

TV show downloads have been available in iTunes Canada, but this is the first time they have popped up in Apple TV. Expect purchases to become available soon. Did you see this update in your Apple TV?


  • Ryan

    I thought you couldn’t purchase TV shows on the 2nd gen Apple TV as there’s no long-term storage. Perhaps rentals are coming to Canada?

  • Graet answer man just cleared the damn things easily.

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see this finally appearing on ?TV in Canada. I have always wondered why Apple would let me watch TV shows on my MacBook or iPhone, yet not on my ?TV.

  • I just returned my Apple TV yesterday, for several reasons. The main one being, it’s too damn expensive to maintain when you already have regular cable. Mirroring is pretty cool, but without flash, all you really have is Quicktime and Youtube videos. And I guess I’ll just buy the iTV next year (if it’s worth paying extra).

  • Kevlaf

    just jailbreak you ATV2, you will be able to browse your PC/MAC.

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to getting home and exploring.  But I don’t understand.  If they only offer the limited networks shown, how do we have access to Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead?  Both are AMC shows, which isn’t one of the networks listed.

  • Those shows are listed under ‘Top TV Shows’, but when clicked, I got the black error screen. They did show up above though in the thumbnails.

  • Anonymous

    Cheers!  I guess they’re still prepping things which is why we haven’t seen an official announcement from Apple on the update yet.

  • That’s all you have until you get XBMC (or aTV Flash for $30)  on there… then you can watch or listen to pretty much anything.

  • Anonymous

    So, has everyone with an ATV gotten this?

    Mine is no different than its ever been. No TV or any other new options. Tried going in to software update but it says I’m up to date. Rebooted it, but still nothing.

  • Jar

    I had tv shows listed this morning but now they’re gone. Did this happen to anyone else??

  • Very disapointed that it appears to have been a false alarm