Apple’s TV iOS App Launches in Canada–Here’s What it Looks Like [PICS]


Canadians finally get their hands on Apple’s TV iOS app, which last year was exclusively available to Americans. The TV iOS app essentially makes viewing media across various platforms and content providers easily, replacing the former Videos app. All you have to do is update your Apple TV 4 to tvOS 11.

The TV iOS app opens with a splash screen, to let you know “the Videos app is now TV. Easily keep up with TV shows and discover new movies.”

The Watch Now tab includes an intro video, highlighting the TV iOS app:

IMG 5748  IMG 5749

The Store and Search tabs will show what shows and movies are available, while the latter also shows trending titles as well:

IMG 5751 IMG 5752

When you want to view a TV show, you will be prompted to download the respective provider’s iOS app to continue:

IMG 5753IMG 5754

The TV iOS app is also available on Apple TV and iPad. Here’s what it looks like on Apple TV:

IMG 5756

The TV app takes front and centre on your Apple TV:

IMG 5757

Watch Now tells you what to view “Up Next”:

IMG 5758

There are various categories, such as En Français, TV Shows, Kids and Collections. It really makes for an easy way to view all sorts of different shows within one app:

IMG 5759

These are the apps supported by the TV app:

  • CraveTV
  • CBC
  • Treehouse
  • City
  • Hopster
  • MUBI

How are you liking the TV iOS app so far?

Update Sept. 20/17: Try the following update if the TV iOS app isn’t showing for you–log out of the Canadian App Store on your device, then login to the U.S. App Store (click here to create a U.S. iTunes account)–TV iOS app will install–then log back into your Canadian account.


  • Andrew Viarruel

    Still not seeing this

  • Steve Waite

    Not seeing it on my iPad Pro, iPhone and Apple TV has it.

  • Olley

    To be honest this app is way overrated. Its only useful if you have a tv sub.

  • Could still be pushing out over the air, I’d be patient and wait half a day.

  • Andrew Viarruel


  • Many99

    I have had it on my iPad Pro and Apple TV for a day now still hasn’t shown up my iPhone 6s

  • YourName

    It’s literally crap. The content providers are slim. The playback is buggy as heck, watching The Orville through tv app/city tv literally crashes after every commercial volley. Excuse my language Gary but it’s sooooo shit. Hopefully things get better….HBO please!

    …I’m on my 48th crash and 192nd commercial trying to watch The Orville.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    That crash is the CityTV app source causing those crashes. I went through that last night. The tv app itself isn’t the problem. Also and FYI, Ep 1 of The Orville is currently free on iTunes.

  • James

    What about the lack of content? That needs to be addressed ASAP. It’s basically a worse way to watch CraveTV.

  • I don’t have TV on my iPhone, just on my Apple TV

  • So Young

    Still nothing on both my iPads and my iPhone 6s plus…

  • So Young

    Finally it shows on one of my iPad but honnestly, I don’t see the utility of this because it simply open the appropriate app when you select a show…

  • Andrew Viarruel

    I had heard the content was light but I have not had a chance to explore it yet. I imagine it’s going to be a slow rollout.

  • Me to

  • Mike Visconti

    Would take Hulu, HBO GO and Netflix to be relevant. First two aren’t in Canada, and the last is not supported at the moment.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    I wish HBO GO were a stand alone service but it is part of Bell Alt TV as an option. I imagine Bell Alt TV will eventually be a part of the single sign on Apple TV app

  • ????? ???????


  • Jeff

    Don’t waste your time with TMNGo or HBO Go. I tried them on my Samsung TV and found them to be lacking.

    Simply create a US apple ID and switch your iTunes and store account to use it. You used to need a US credit card to install Hulu but the Apple TV app for US allowed it with no problems. HBO’s new partnership with Hulu allows you to sign up for both via a Hulu account. I went for the new commercial free version for $12 and HBO now is another 15 so combined is $33 / mo after exchange. Shaw is over $100 monthly before taxes which I’m cancelling this week.

    If you don’t care about your iTunes library then stay in US account and the apple TV app works great across Hulu and HBO Now, plus Crackle and other apps you install. Switching back to Canadian iTunes account the Hulu and HBO Now apps continue to work without issues but the Apple TV app is beyond disappointing as initial option are CBC, City or CraveTV.

    With Hulu, HBO Now and Netflix I have literally too much TV averrable. Easily have a dozen series that I am behind in or need to start.

  • Andrew Viarruel

    And still not updating to the tv app lol

  • Steve Waite

    Still not seeing it on my iPad, the only thing I can think of is it was on the GM so didn’t have to update, have removed public beta profile and still nothing, any ideas?

  • jabohn

    Wednesday morning, still no TV app on my iPhone 7.

  • Update: one reader said signing out of his CDN App Store account, then logging into a U.S. itunes account, will force the TV iOS app to install. Once it does, just log out and back into your CDN account.

  • Many99

    Thanks that worked for me on my iPhone

  • So Young

    Still no tv app on one of my iPad and my iPhone.

  • Steve Waite

    Thanks, worked for me as well.

  • Jon

    Your best bet for HBO is through CraveTV or TMN OnDemand making a tvOS app.

  • ticky13

    A list of supported apps would have been a nice addition to this article

  • Added