New Apple TV to Offer ‘Remote Loop’ Accessory to Save your TV


Remember the days of the Nintendo Wii and smashed out TV sets because someone wanted to serve just a bit too hard playing tennis in Wii Sports?

During the on-stage demo of the new Apple TV, we questioned whether a strap accessory would be available, almost tongue in cheek, thinking back to the days of the Wii.

Well, it looks like Apple has taken this into consideration, as The Verge reports Apple will have a new Remote Loop accessory available for purchase:

According to Apple’s press materials, though, the Remote Loop isn’t part of the remote. It’s an accessory sold separately.

Apple tv remote loop

The loop looks to attach via the bottom Lightning port, which then secures to your wrist. So when you’re swinging the remote while gaming with sweaty hands, the loop looks like the last line of defence to prevent the controller from flying into your TV or into the family pet.

The Apple TV remote connects via Bluetooth 4.0, but also includes an IR receiver, which looks to help manage controls for your TV, receivers and more.

Apple TV is set to launch in late October in “over 80 countries” (most likely Canada too), priced at $149 USD and $199 USD for 32GB and 64GB models. Earlier today, tVOS beta was released to developers to allow them to start modifying their apps for Apple TV.

Who’s getting one?


  • Eric

    so 199 and 249 CND? haha

  • $199 and $265 based on today’s rates :/

  • Ron

    Be prepared to spend another $100 for the “remote loop” accessory, which should of been included. Lol

  • Ron

    Expect $300 CND at launch.

  • randyritraj

    Is the lightning port designed for the potential forces that could come with this being used as a Wii-like game controller? I’d be concerned you’d damage the port on the remote depending on angles, forces, etc.

  • hub2

    If I heard right, you can use recent iPhones and iPod touches as controllers too. I imagine they’re a big heavier, and I sure as hell won’t trust a wrist strap that that attaches into a slide-in connector–the most it’ll do is stop the unit flying as far when it inevitably pops out. Save the TV, maybe, but your remote or iDevice still ends up on the floor.