Apple Unveils New iCloud Storage Pricing Starting at 20GB for $0.99 Per Month



During its opening keynote at WWDC earlier today, Apple unveiled Photos for Mac alongside the new Photos app for iOS which will launch later this year. 

The new Photos app for iOS and Mac OS X includes all new editing capabilities, like the ability to adjust the angle of an image and the ability to edit the colours of a photo. Apple’s VP of software engineering Craig Federighi demoed the new app during the keynote, which is available to view from this link

iCloud_PricingTo assist those with large photo libraries, Apple has introduced a new pricing model for iCloud storage. Users can now access 20GB of storage for $0.99 per month or 200GB for $3.99 per month, with the initial 5GB per month remaining free for all iOS device owners. Subscription plans for iCloud will be available with up to 1 terabyte of storage. 

The Photos app will allow users to see all their photos across all of their various devices, allowing users to sync photos across iOS and Mac OS X devices in real time. When you edit a photo on one device, the changes will appear on the rest. 

[via Apple]


  • xxxJDxxx

    Do these prices apply to Canada?
    Is this the same 5GB that are used for icloud backups?

  • jabohn

    First question: probably, or at least close to it.
    Second question: yes.

    I’m a little surprised that they didn’t increase the free minimum but at least the price has been lowered.

  • Anon

    lol.. 20GB should be free. In comparison: Box 50GB free, Skydrive 25GB free (promo), Flickr 1TB photos free.

  • YoungWerther

    With a upload limit. If Apple doesn’t have upload limit I’m very much ok with 1 buck.

  • mrideas

    Just curious when the changes will be made? Will it be concurrent with iOS 8 release or immediate? I have the $20 for 10gb. When I take a look 20gb is still $40/year. Anyone know?

  • Maybe during the launch of iOS 8 this fall. Hopefully sooner.