Apple Updates Siri in Canada with Improved Time and Weather Capabilities


When Siri first launched in Canada, the personal assistant was limited in what it could answer, and that included both data, time, and the weather without phrasing questions in a specific way. If you look back to our Siri hands on article, you’ll see the service had difficulty answering a simple question such as, ‘What time is it?’.

Now, it appears Apple has quietly updated Siri to be able to answer more questions in Canada, which we’ve noticed over the past few weeks and according to your tips too. She can now answer ‘what time is it’ without mentioning your location in the question.

Here are some example weather and time-related questions Siri can now answer, which she could not before (make sure Siri Location Services are toggled ON):

  • What time is it?
  • What is the weather today?
  • What will be the high/low temperature today?
  • Is it going to rain/snow today?

This seems to be a minor tweak to Siri for Canadian users, as those on iOS 5.1 and iOS 5.0.1 are getting the same results. Apple updated Siri to support Japanese in iOS 5.1. Canadians are still patiently waiting for location services support for Siri.

Let us know if Siri can answer these questions for you now in the comments.


  • Anonymous

    Yup,I had notice it,i’am happy that they did update it and thanks for the info Gary.

  • Leung Eyl

    Yes, Time and weather works. But I want Map, Directions & places to work!!!!

  • Cheers! 🙂

  • Chrome262

    FYI it also gives you the wind chill, just ask “what is the wind chill like right now” if you say today, she will say ” i cant give you the windchill for the entire day, but now its…”

  • Hiltonroutley

    I always found that weather questions worked

  • Anonymous

    I can’t get the weather in Port Moody. Siri says something has gone wrong and askes me to try again.

  • Anonymous

    Weather has always worked like that for me. Time is new though. 

  • Nick

    In Victoria it just says something’s wrong… Do you need the newest iOS?  Don’t want to lose my jailbreak so I haven’t updated.   Also, is anyone else still haven’t frequent ‘something’s gone wrong’ problems – not with weather but with just general siri use?   It only works for me about 75% of the time at best..  Very annoying.  

  • Sv

    Maps – PLEASE! Btw, the time now WORKING, as you said

  • Ari

    Weather worked for me since launch in Victoria and Vancouver but it is nice to see time working now.

  • Sam

    Mine still says “Sorry, something’s wrong. Can you please try that again? I’m in Vancouver by the way.

  • Lo

    The time thing works with my 4.0.1 it’s not a new feature w/ Siri. Just ask what time is it.

  • Zimage8

    If there are tweaks to Siri in Canada that means’someone’ at Apple has been given the job of working on Canadian issues for Siri. 
    I thought it was just that they had no one officially working on Canadian issues, but that obviously is not so.  I understand the English/French thing, but there seems no good technical reason to not implement the changes to update Siri to be in line with the States. There are people jailbreaking the iOS updates hours after launch. The only other reasons I can think of are financial and political, but Canada is by ratio at least in the top three countries purchasing iphones and we are supposedly the States biggest trading partner with similar living standards, yada yada…. What am i missing as to the real reason/s Apple is not updating Siri in Canada?

  • Peteratwork415

    Doesn’t work for me. Still says don’t know where you are.

  • Aerosol_junky

    Still waiting for location services in Canada… Australia has theirs WTF!!!

  • John2889

    Every thing is all good for some reason it can’t tell me about it raining or snowing when I ask it can’t wait for locations to be added I feel like we got jipped in Canada they should have waited till siri would work every where perfectly before launching the app as a prototype that won’t work mostly unless you live in the states I love the app tho

  • John2889

    Yah my siri has random crap outs where it is useless

  • Amanda

    We would make a lot of use of the location app. Please bring to Canada ASAP. Thanx we LOVE Siri, so much fun, very helpful. 🙂

  • Walt

    Get on with the location mapping – paid for this “thinking” I was getting it – either get on with it or more will go android

  • Stefanie

    I recently purchased the iPhone 4S 16gb in Canada. I’m unsure though when the location in Canada will be upgraded can I update my current iPhone to accomadate this…or will the update only be available for the release of the iPhone 5?

  • Bree

    seriously dont know why this is taking so long. I want location services!!