Apple USA vs Canada Prices Compared: iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch [CHART]


Today Apple announced the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, iPhone SE and also dropped the price of the Apple Watch Sport. How do our Canadian prices compare with the USA? Right now, exchange rates aren’t exactly favouring Canadians, so we’re paying more locally for our favourite Apple products.

iPhone in Canada reader Blair shared with us a quick spreadsheet of prices compared between the USA and Canada, with a column showing the exchange rates used by Apple. While not all models and configurations are listed, it does give you an idea of how much more we’re paying.

As you can see below, users looking to jump on the iPad Air 2 64GB model are actually getting a better rate, while the 64GB iPhone SE has a rate of 1.42, higher than current exchange rates, which means Apple has implemented a cushion in case our Loonie falls further south:

Apple canada vs usa

If you have US currency available and you’re going to be in the U.S. on a trip or vacation, it’s going to be in your favour to buy your Apple goodies there (well, minus taxes and any duty when you declare it on the way back, right?). Regardless of rates though, #justtakemymoney, Apple.

Thanks @blairio


  • Alexandre Forget

    Not bad except for the iPhone.

  • Guess it’s not surprising since the SE is the latest device, while iPad Air 2 is ‘old’.

  • Wall Man

    The Mini 4 has the best rate:

    16 GB C$439.00 vs U$399.00 diff of $40.00 Xrate $1.1003
    64 GB C$549.00 vs U$499.00 diff of $50.00 Xrate $1.1002
    128 GB C$659.00 vs U$599.00 diff of $60.00 Xrate $1.1002

    16 GB C$579.00 vs U$529.00 diff of $50.00 Xrate $1.0945
    64 GB C$689.00 vs U$629.00 diff of $60.00 Xrate $1.0954
    128 GB C$799.00 vs U$729.00 diff of $70.00 Xrate $1.0960

    I don’t think Apple has a cushion on the SE prices, they probably have a forward contract at that rate back when they were planning everything. Of course I could be totally wrong, but that is my guess.

  • winnertakesteve

    i’m really struggling with that $799 price point for the iPad. 🙁 after adding the pencil and sales tax its over $1000. oh and then theres applecare+ and a cover… ugh. maybe if its someone’s only computer thats an ok investment, but as a 3rd device to doddle around the internet and doodle on, thats a sizeable chunk of change. i miss the days when new versions added features and performance at the same price point… not a $250 price hike. 🙁

  • jmcd102

    It is roughly at the same price point as the 12.9 Pro. Why would it be priced cheaper with some new features that the q2.9 doesn’t even have? One could argue it is a better deal or machine. For my needs I prefer the larger screen/ workspace.

  • jmcd102

    The 6S was priced a little too high for what it offered over the 6 and sales have shown this. No doubt the SE was brought in to stem the sales erosion.

  • Yearoftherat

    As much as I’d love to upgrade my aging iPad, these prices are not making it easy. 😛

  • That’s a great table….. good info…
    Sadly our CAN$ is really not stable… went down… so Apple raise the price in Canada a few months ago… and now, the $ is going a little up.

    I did notice usually in the past, Apple seems to adjust the price when they introduce a new models (unless the $ is crashing too much). I wouldn’t be surprise for the iPhone 7, there’s going to be adjustment based on the currency then… If so, the rest of the iPhone collection will be adjusted. But Yes I heard everyone… when I bought my iPad Pro (12) with pen and case… it was brutal…. but it’s why the iPad Pro is shown as a PC replacement and no more a simple tablet…. (but the IOS need to be more like a Mac then)

  • aaloo

    yeah, those days were good when the canadian dollar was 1 to 1 with US dollar. My iPhone 6 64gb is more expensive to buy now from apple canada than it was on release date sept. 2014.