Apple Vs. Google: Find Out Whose Products Are More Durable [VIDEO]


Folks over at SquareTrade have pitted a bunch of Google smartphones and tablets against the iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini in their latest drop test video, to see which company makes more durable products. Each device was dropped on the corner from 4 feet using SquareTrade’s Drop Bot (via FSM).

Google vs apple drop test FSMdotCOM

The following Google and Apple devices were tested:

Smartphones: Apple iPhone 5 vs. Google Nexus 4 

7 inch tablets: Apple iPad Mini vs. Google Nexus 7

10 inch tablets: Apple iPad vs. Google Nexus 10

Check out the following video to find out who comes on top!


  • Josh Lee

    Why people shouldnt shoot with DSLRs… they don’t know how to focus.

  • FragilityG4

    Metal vs. Plastic = Predictable results.

  • and yet we hear stories of how the iphone 5 breaks from waist height on carpet. hard to believe if they are all durable or there are some that go out defective.