Apple Was Once Inspired By Samsung’s Clickwheel ‘Fashion Phone’


While yesterday’s court case revealed a bandwagon full of Apple’s long-held secrets, an interesting email involving Steve Jobs, Jony Ive, and Tony Fadell surfaced. It turns out Samsung’s allegations remarking that both companies were inspired by each other, may actually hold true.

The email exchange was first sent from Steve Jobs to Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Jony Ive. In the email, the subject line was labeled, “Samsung’s SGH-E910 fashion phone.” The contents of the email then went on to describe the clickwheel phone as Apple’s “answer.”

A reply from Jony Ive wasn’t presented in court, but an email-reply from Tony Fadell on other hand, was shown. He overall loved the round center control pad, mentioning it “seems comfortable.” But he did provide one negative comment saying it’s a “weird way to hold a cellphone.”

This evidence was presented by Samsung in attempt to further prove that both companies were nothing more than inspired by each other’s designs. And Samsung got the point across fairly well in my opinion.

Set aside from this being evidence, it amazes me some of the prototypes Apple considered during the past. This is the craziest one yet — it looks like the iPod’s clickwheel with numbers around the perimeter.

[via The Verge]


  • Merry Prankster

    Huh….what am I missing here? This photo shows a phone that was released in 2005. A phone that looks like it was trying very hard to copy the iPod that was introduced in 2001. Looks to me like Samsung has done nothing but prove they have been slavish Apple copiers for many years.

  • Alan Spicer

    STFU please. It looks like a telephone dial to me. “See! See! They’ve been copying Apple for years. See! See!”. Bang! Any more?

  • Dennis

    Now now Fanboys, go to your rooms…

  • Kosmo

    I think that Samsung haven’t proofed anything with this – cosidering and evaluating other’s products is something completely normal. Copying, on the other side, isn’t and shouldn’t be.
    It is perfectly fine to see what has been done before and learn from it. Apple might have looked at Samsung’s and other’s designs, but at the end of the day they came up with something completely differrent. Samsung didn’t bother at all and just copied what was already available.