Apple Watch Ships with 8 GB of Storage and Important Limitations


9to5Mac has confirmed with Apple that the Watch will ship with 8 GB of internal storage and some software limitations. First of all, limited storage means a limited number of photos and music that users can have on the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch music

If you had an iPhone with 8 GB of storage, you already know what that means: You can have only a limited number of apps, and mostly forget about storing music if you want to be able to shoot videos or take photos.

The same goes for the Apple Watch, although Apple steps in by imposing limitations: 2 GB of music, and 75 MB of photos. It makes sense, since 2 GB of music is roughly equivalent to 200 decent-quality tracks, so you can enjoy the workout without being forced to stream your iPhone’s music library.

Next are the photos: 75 MB makes perfect sense, considering that you will be storing only the most precious moments on your Watch, for two reasons: (1) screen size and (2) storage. The photos will be managed automatically by the iCloud Photo Library, and the device will automatically resize images and, more importantly, it seems to benefit from the latest feature introduced by Apple, “optimize storage”, which keeps a device-optimized version on the device. In numbers, the 75 MB means you will be able to store about 100 photos in the allocated space, says 9to5Mac.

In the end, you’ll get close to 6 GB of storage for software and apps. That’s enough for storing your most-used apps on the Watch.


  • Nick L.

    Having an 8GB watch doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have 8GB of free space right out of the box. I’d estimate after the 2GB of music and 75MB of photos, you’ll probably have about 4GB left for apps and such.

  • Chrome262

    What if you have itunes match, then you could save space by streaming.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Wow, I think I’ll just keep wearing my 16GB Nano on my wrist. It’s thinner and has a better battery life to boot. Even had a Mickey Mouse watch face 🙂

  • One of the original Apple Watches!

  • Kirk

    200 songs is more than enough for me.. It’s like when I workout I use a specific playlist anyway. Just have to make one for the watch. I’m sold. Now which one?