Apple Watch Clone Prank Tricks People Into Believing It’s Real [VIDEO]


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YouTube channel TLD has posted an Apple Watch prank where he takes a $100 clone from China onto the streets of Los Angeles, and tricks people into thinking it’s real. Check it out below:

Numerous Apple Watch clones debuted at CES this year, with some as cheap as $60 USD, made by Chinese manufacturers. These things are literally pieces of junk you’d purchase just to trick your friends.

Apple Watch pre-orders are set to arrive this Friday, April 24 for those that were able to get in on the first wave.


  • Mozbius

    This video tells a lot about how come so many Apple watch got sold. Apple fan will buy anything as long as they are being told it’s from Apple.

  • aaloo

    apple fans buy the real thing. its the cheapo android camp who just want to fake looking like apple.