Apple Watch Destruction Tests: Hydrogen Explosion, Liquid Nitrogen, and 50-Cal Rifle [WATCH]



Since the Apple Watch shipped to customers, the device – especially the Sport model – has undergone several tests. We’ve seen it perform well in different torture and waterproof tests, but none of them are as brutal as the ones YouTuber Richard Ryan does.

He is known as FullMag to YouTube users and is mostly associated with his infamous destructions tests: Liquid Nitrogen, Hydrogen Explosion, and the 50-caliber bullet test. We’ve seen the iPhone and other high-tech devices successfully crushed by Ryan.

The Apple Watch couldn’t escape his tests, so this week he started posting videos of the destruction tests he has performed (via Cult of Mac).

First off is the Apple Watch vs. Liquid Nitrogen video, in which the lead character, the latest Apple gadget, finds itself in a container of liquid nitrogen. The result: a frozen device, and since it was useless, it ended up being smashed by a sledgehammer.

The second video shows the Apple Watch tested against a hydrogen explosion, and the third video, posted just the other day, reveals how the Sport model performed against a 50-calibre bullet. I think you already know the result, but there is an interesting tidbit: The bullet actually cut the Apple Watch in half.


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  • kkritsilas

    Has anybody ever thought that this is just an idiot with way too much time and money on his hands? Some of us have to save a while to buy this stuff, and this moron is running assinine tests that prove nothing. Is that what is now considered to be entertaining? I would just be guessing, but I suspect that this guy thinks that vandalism is “cool”. Maybe I’m too old to get this, but doesn’t this seem to be the epitome of pointless?