Apple Watch Event Recap: Prices, Availability and More [Roundup]


Apple’s highly anticipated Spring Forward special event has come and gone. The company announced pricing and availability (yay Canada!) for the Apple Watch, a new 12-inch Retina MacBook, refreshes to other members of the Mac family and also iOS 8.2 was released.

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Update: Here’s all the models compared in this Canadian pricing matrix we helped modify.

Here’s a recap of the day’s news and headlines you may have missed:

During the show
After the show
Hands-on videos and tidbits

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  • joebloe

    has anyone heard availability at launch? Will there be constrained supplies?

  • As with any Apple product launch, I suspect supplies will be limited due to heavy initial demand.

  • Chrome262

    Wish they had a space gray option on my macbook pro retina.

  • Hit up Canadian Tire for a can of spray paint? I’d go with gold! 🙂

  • Chuck Canuck

    Seriously Gary? You really think that people are going to line up to buy these watches? Give your head a shake. Unless Apple starts offering financing, I can’t see all those people lining up with $1000 in the pockets to fork it over for a watch. No way. Sure the apple kids will want to buy them, but not like getting the iPhone where the price was subsidized and available on contract.

    I was eyeing the steel link band watch, but for $1200!!! Heck, I’d buy a new MacBook for the same cash.

  • Guest

    Apple does offer financing, it’s mentioned on their website..

  • There will always be people lining up to get first dibs and to try them on in store. There will be tonnes of Sport models but the stainless steel models will be in limited supply I bet. We’ll find out on the 24th, as I’ve marked that on my calendar, where I’ll come back to respond again to your comment. Holla

  • guest1

    not in Canada apple wont do financing in canada

  • coady

    I’ve done financing in canada

  • einsteinbqat

    I want a gold or space grey iMac. Not kidding! ???? But my 2011 iMac still work well. If Apple ever release colour options for their iMac, maybe, perhaps, I’ll give my parents my iMac, and get a newer one! Hihi! ????

  • Hank

    What can I buy with $1K? A decent watch whose price appreciates over time rather that depreciates after a year or when a new model comes in. TAG or Apple Watch? It’s a no brainer.

  • The new MacBooks look great, but I’m still disappointed with the watch. It doesn’t look or seem like an Apple product, to me. I get that wearables are the trend right now, but speaking as a person who doesn’t wear a watch; this doesn’t make me want to wear a watch. I enjoy using my iPhone, that I’ve already paid so much money for. I’m not gonna spend another $500, so I don’t have to use the other $500 device I purchased. Just my opinion.

  • Salinger

    The only financing Apple Canada offers is 3 months no interest.

    Like a credit card “no interest offer”, if it isn’t paid IN FULL within those 3 months, interest is applied retroactively at the regular rate of a whopping 20%!!

    It’s such a minute benefit, there’s really no point to it. I’d rather pay in full up front on my credit card and earn points/miles. All you’re gaining by using Apple Canada Financing is to delay payment for 90 days.

  • Salinger

    To be fair, they won’t have to line up to try them on in store as Apple has said they’ll be available in retail stores to try on for the pre-order date of April 10.

    That said, I don’t doubt you’re correct that there’ll be a queue for the first day or two; though I think that may be as much due to a (real or fabricated) supply shortage as a huge demand. Have to maintain those optics!

    Apple pricing has always been premium, and I do believe in most cases, you can justify it, even if you don’t agree with it. But this watch is something else. $330 for a simple leather strap?! $600 for a steel link bracelet?! That is ballsy, to say the least. I don’t care how magical their leather or stainless steel is.

    I actually would think the reverse of what you figure is true. I’d say, if anything, it’s the sport model that’ll be in short supply. Given it’s the only one that you’re not approaching or exceeding $1,000 to purchase, it’s the one I reckon most will be looking to buy so they can say they have an Apple Watch.

  • BrodieTheDog

    I thought this was not iwatchincanada.

  • We have provided coverage beyond the iPhone for years now if you haven’t noticed 😉

    I thought dogs couldn’t speak

  • Tim

    It’s true. A fundamental flaw of the Apple Watch is that it faces technical obsolescence in two or three years, just like a phone. Apple should offer the ability to change out the guts on some of the pricier casings and bands.

  • Zeke

    Awesome coverage Gary. I’ve been getting Twitter sms following iphoneincanada and it’s been great. Thanks aye, great work!

  • Wall Man

    I agree. Has Apple ever provided a simple upgrade path with their existing product lineup? I would rather purchase a new iPhone every other year than a new watch.

  • Thanks Zeke!

  • Nick

    Did you see the kickstarted campaign for mono wear? It’s a company that’s going to make apple watch compatible straps at far cheaper than Apple sells theirs. So you could get the cheaper ‘sport’ watch, and get a stainless steel band to make it look like a more expensive model for under $100 from this company.

  • Mugatu

    K totally having a Zoolander Mugatu moment here – is everyone on crazy pills??? I buy gold bullion as an investment, and you can get an OZ of .9999 pure for $1500. I am looking at the Apple Watch Edition and do not see more than an OZ of gold…and likely it is not pure, and only 14k? So if the sport is around $500 – the screen is pretty much the same with the exception of a little gold – how does Apple sleep at night marking the cosrt of the gold watch up by $13000? I hope the Apple Watch flops SO HARD!

  • Hank

    While Sport is cheaper, it is still ridiculously priced for what it is. This wearable thing is … I dunno. I don’t want to hurt the feelings of those who are much into it. But really? Wearables? 🙂 Have you guys seen teenages back then wearing their PSP as their necklace? Lol!


    nice …



  • aRhyno

    I hear ya. i like tech, and someday i want a watch that i can get updates to. but i also want it to last a week and not be huge. and not be over 150-200$ lol. until that day comes. ill stick to pulling my phone out of my pocket.

  • alinadecosta59




  • Danielp

    Yes they offer financing in Canada as well but who really wants to finance a watch for $1500 that will be absolute in like 2 years at the most.

  • Robert

    So I hear we have to do the whole reservation thing with the apple watch this time just like the iPhone six. No walk ins. So do I have to test it on Friday and then some how reserve it and then pick it up on the 24th??

  • Delflank

    One big reason I got the iphone 6 was the promise of Apple Pay. I am still waiting. One of the big reasons for purchasing a watch would be Apple Pay. Obviously I will not even consider a watch until Apple Pay is a reality.

  • faythebest

    Hello guys! So just finished chatting with an Apple online rep, he told me that they are not sure if the option to pick up an Apple watch at an Apple retail store on the 24th will be available on the online Canadian apple store. The only option would be to get it shipped. I hope the process will be smooth, not like the iPhone 6.

    Good luck

  • Larry654

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