Apple to Reportedly Offer Free Band Exchanges for Apple Watch


Pinksportband38mm 800x471

According to an internal employee training document obtained by MacRumors, Apple will be offering an opportunity to all Apple Watch customers to exchange their watch bands for free, instead of returning their watches just because they got a wrong size or the wrong style band. The source claims that Apple has already instructed its retail store employees to suggest a band swap as an alternative to a whole watch return if an Apple Watch is being returned based on band style or colour.

“Band swaps won’t be done entirely in store. After an employee confirms that a customer is within their 14-day return window and wants a new band, the swap must be initiated through the Online Store call center. Customer support representatives will create a new band order, ship it out to the customer, and provide instructions on how to mail in an old band for a refund”.

Following are the four rules mentioned in the document for Apple Watch band swaps:

  • The new band must be within the same collection as the watch and must be an available band option for that watch face. 
  • The band swap is within 14 day return period. 
  • The watch must have been purchased at the Apple Online Store, Kiosk, or Apple Store App. 
  • You are not using band swaps as a way to configure a sellable product for a customer.

Lastly, band swaps will only be possible for watches purchased through Apple online, and won’t be allowed for watches purchased at other retailers for warranty reasons, such as those bought from boutiques like Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, The Corner in Berlin, and others.


  • matt

    Is this only if it’s a mistake? I got 38 mm apple watch sport with the white band…but I want the black band

    Would it be possible to do it this way? Or does it have to ship and end up being the wrong order?

  • Rio

    As long as it is within the 14 day period they will allow you. This seems like it is in place so people can simply ‘exchange’ bands rather than entire watches.

  • kabsalsa

    I had the same thought as I really think the silver sport would look best with the black band so I ordered it. Based on the explanation above, I wonder if they would say no…..”the band option for that watch face”

  • wuju

    I just called Apple Online to exchange for a different band. Changing mine to the Leather loop with magnets from the classic leather.

    Question is anyone who ordered an extra strap, have you gotten yours and how long did the order indicated?

    Right now, any strap ordered online says June shipping. I can only hope it comes way sooner than that. Wouldn’t want to return my current strap until my new one comes along (I want to use my Apple watch of course) BUT the online return for my existing strap says – Return item(s) by May 9, 2015 which would be a problem since the new one supposibly doesn’t come till June. Thoughts guys?

    The apple customer guy says to keep my existing strap till the new one arrives for full refund, should I trust him???