Tweaked Apple Watch Video Shows Smaller Screen, UI Changes [PICS]


Since the Apple Watch is still a work in progress, Apple is adjusting its marketing materials accordingly. This could be a reasonable explanation for the Apple Watch screen becoming narrower, as noticed by an eagle-eyed reader (via 9to5Mac).

Three weeks ago, Apple introduced the eagerly awaited wearable device, the Apple Watch, and quickly uploaded a video of the device to its official YouTube channel and created a dedicated page on its official website.

Since Apple uploaded a new Apple Watch intro video, a 9to5Mac reader noticed that a few elements of the user interface have been rearranged, such as the notification in the image below showing the temperature for Cupertino. Compared to the previous version, Glances now shows the high and low temperatures in Cupertino.

Ui differences apple watch video

Another and maybe more important change – as highlighted by the Twitter user Khaos Tian – is that the screen has become narrower. To back his claim, he posted a screenshot of the change.

The Apple Watch has been in the works for three years, as confirmed by Jony Ive in an interview with Robert Sullivan of Vogue. It will launch early next year at a starting price of $349.


  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Narrower is better but (intentionally) bend the Apple Watch (including the glass) to match the curve of my wrist would be great too. Just a slight curve. I still would like the watch to be even more narrower. The more I see it, the more I like it. I might be getting one after all. Maybe delaying until early 2015 (Valentine’s Day) was a good idea on Apple’s part.

  • AED

    I like the watch in general, but the one thing I don’t like exactly the size of that bezel. It’s too big, and they seem to be making it bigger by slimming the display. Apple doesn’t like it either, as they went out of their way to hide how big the bezel is by having black watch backgrounds whenever possible.