Apple Watch Launches in Canada on April 24, Pre-Orders April 10 [u]

Apple has officially announced Canada will be part of the Apple Watch launch, along with eight other countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, China, the UK, France, the US and Germany.

The Apple Watch pre-order will kick off on April 10 (and retail stores previews), while watches will ship on April 24.

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Update: check out the full list of Canadian Apple Watch pricing we laid out here for you.

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  • roy

    what was the usd pricing

  • Jay

    Disapointing keynote in so many aspects, will not buy

  • roy


  • wuju

    42mm is $50 dollar more over the 38mm.

    Sports starts at $349 USD (38mm)
    Regular starts at $549 USD (38mm)

    I will be getting the regular 42mm which means $599 and what I want to know is the cost of the regular leather classic buckle. I only hope it’s like $99.

  • ShaBi

    Wait, are you disappointed at the keynote or the product(s)? Cause the keynote is exactly what it should be, a keynote.

  • roy

    the 42 mm is 519$

  • wuju

    The apple store indicates it to be $699 with 42mm and classic leather buckle. Right at my estimate… 🙂

  • Char

    Where is the announcement of Apple Pay coming to Canada :((((

  • scouse


  • Wall Man

    There is a US$50 price difference between 38mm and 42mm sizes.
    Sport $349 – $399
    Watch $549-$599 on sport
    $649-$699 for Milanese loop
    $949-$999 for link stainless steal
    $1,049 – $1,099 for Black case and strap
    Edition – are you sitting down??
    $10,000 for 38mm and $12,000 for 42mm on sport
    $15,000 for 42mm black classic bukle
    $17,000 for 38mm red or rose strap and modern bukle

    Let the comments fly.

  • Jay

    With very little actual information, so rather disappointing

  • ShaBi

    That I completely agree. Most of it is what we already know and expected.

  • Rio

    Now the wait for WWDC