Apple Watch Tidbits: Supports Left-Handers, Water Resistant and More [u]


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During Apple’s special event keynote today, CEO Tim Cook said they didn’t have enough time to touch on all the features of their Apple Watch, one of the biggest surprises from the event. Cook did close out to say the Apple Watch can control an Apple TV and also act as a viewfinder for an iPhone’s camera.

Journalist David Pogue with Yahoo (formerly from the New York Times), has detailed some Apple Watch tidbits he was able to extract from Apple’s demo area, such as the following:

  • Apple Watch is water resistant (think: sweat, rain, washing hands, cooking), but not waterproof
  • Watch vibrations have various intensities of vibrations
  • A speaker and microphone on the watch can allow you to make and take calls (can’t wait to see this in public in ‘early 2015’)
  • Watch has a ‘Ping my Phone’ button to make your iPhone beep to help locate it
  • Gold edition comes with a jewellery box that doubles as a charger within; back of box has Lightning connector which powers the magnetic charger pad
What we don’t know about the Apple Watch:
  • No tech specs: no details on CPU, RAM, internal storage (we know it can hold MP3s, apps, etc)
  • Battery life: Cook did say ‘all day and night’; expectations it would require nightly charging like an iPhone
  • Other functions of the button below the crown, aside from going to the friends menu or Apple Pay
  • How to delete apps, change settings? Possibly through an iOS app on the iPhone. Apple’s website shows settings for AirPlane Mode, Bluetooth and Do Not Disturb mode.
  • No pricing details of the entire lineup, watch bands, interchangeability

As for the call-making feature, Apple says you can just silence incoming calls by covering Apple Watch with your hand, which is pretty neat.

As for those left-handers out there, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber says all you have to do is turn the watch upside down and swap the straps, and “it’ll just work”. The crown dial would switch spots though:

So if you are left-handed, have no fear, the Apple Watch will support you too.

The Apple Watch will start at $349 USD and debut sometime in “early 2015”.

Update: If you’re a left and still want extra confirmation, Apple tells The Daily Telegraph the Apple Watch supports left handers, as prompted by the initial device setup:

According to officials, the Apple Watch offers you the option to set the device up for either a left-handed or right-handed user when you first switch it on.

There you go, nothing to worry about now.


  • K3

    man just can’t justify paying that price to have something on my arm that at this point does what the thing in my pocket does.

  • K3

    Upon deeper thought the following scenario came into mind- you’re on the SkyTrain and it’s late at night suddenly there’s a deep voice from behind you—

    “give me your watch, your phone and your…apple wallet.” ????

  • So they’d jack your watch, iPhone and also cut off your fingers. Damn.
    Note to self: never take Skytrain, ever.

  • ????Dennis

    There’s an app for that… Find my Apple Watch. ????

  • K3

    lol ???? Aren’t fur coats also making a come back but all artificial now ? I’ll need one for the the Mrs. next time we travel …..for that SkyTrain grab bag….

  • leafstom

    Make and take calls. Now that’s what I’m excited for.

  • cody

    Isnt that what people said about the iPad that owned an iPhone

  • The future is here!

  • Once we all see Apple Watches in person we’ll get sucked right in and want one.

  • K3

    just click a mic button and ask Siri this: “with the $ I was about to blow on a watch, what else could I use it for?”

    That reminds me Gary is there anything more this week on the new larger iPad? Been wondering if there’s also a possible hardware refresh across the desktop computers.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    considering the price point is less than a half descent watch im unsure of the problem here

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s an October event coming for the iPad.