Apple Watch Pre-Orders Go Live in Canada, Initial Supplies Sell Out Quickly


Apple Watch pre-orders have gone live in Canada and the U.S., with initial supplies selling out quickly for those with slow trigger fingers.

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We were able to get in quickly just after 12:01AM PDT via the Apple Store iOS app, but even then the most popular model it seems was the 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey, selling out quickly. Our order has a shipping date of May 21 to June 2 (4-6 weeks). As of writing, this particular model is now available to ship in June:

Screenshot 2015 04 10 00 22 48

The most-expensive Apple Watch Edition is also available to ship in June:

Screenshot 2015 04 10 00 11 59

There does not seem to be an in-store pick up option.

What Apple Watch model did you order? Did you manage to get in via the first wave?


  • faythebest

    Managed to get the SS 42mm with black sports band and Apple watch sport with white sport band 38mm. Delivers 24/4 – 8/5. Let’s hope I get them on the 24th. It is sad Apple didn’t have the pick up option for Canada!

  • Kirk

    First Wave! Stainless Steel Black Sports Band and a big ole hole in my wallet.. 0.0

  • Dave

    Me too, bought right away it went live same model as yours shipping same as yours. Did anyone get shipping April 24th for that model?

  • Steve

    Shipment 1 Available to ship: 4 – 6 weeks
    Delivers: 20 May – 1 Jun by Standard Shipping
    Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Case with Black Sport Band

  • Josh

    REALLY Frustrated with this. No pick-up option meant I lost my place in line trying to figure out how to do that. Hearing no pick up option will be offered for Canada so all Apple stores won’t be doing anything to do with Apple Watch on launch day? Doesn’t make much sense to me

  • sukisszoze

    42mm space Grey Aluminium with black band – delivery 24/4 – 8/5

  • matt

    Got the sport in white….shipping April 24

  • Cody Woodward

    Had the 42 space grey sport in my cart with a shipping date of April 24 and I paused for about 30 seconds to look at what AppleCare plus offered. By the time I hit check out it had slipped to mid to late May and I’m not in the country during that time frame to receive it so I just passed on the watch all together. Pretty upset and now it’s showing June. I think it will be a pretty big fail by apple if they don’t ship their stores any inventory like I’ve heard rumoured. At this point if I won’t get it until 2-3 months after its released I’d rather just wait and hope they upgrade the watch in the yearly timeframe and make it much better like the iPhone 3G was or the iPad 2.

  • Nilay

    Got the 42mm space Grey Aluminium with black band – delivery 24/4 – 8/5 within first 2 minutes…..

  • sukisszoze

    Looks like space grey aluminium with black band is pretty popular with everyone..

  • Matthieu Michaud

    a bit frustrated in montreal i was log in my account then their system went under update then at 12:01 california time it still didn work here it did worked at 3:30 easten time wich is 30 min late and i buy 2 watch by mistake the green silver aluminium sports edition and i end up buying the space grey aluminium sports watch which is the one i wanted i ll need to all apple to cancel the other mistaken order or maybe i should just resell it but it s frustration to see it s gonna be available only in june and the other models says 4-6 weeks for the delivery so basically they release the watch on the 25 th of april but no one can buy it on that date in any apple store in canada

  • Dennis

    Yes, I was able to get a space grey and a silver aluminium with a white sport band shipping for Apr 24 to May 8. both orders were done by 1203 Pst. on the iPhone apple store app. The apple website store did not load till about 1211 for me.

  • Kirk

    My question is how the hell are watch edition models showing delivery dates of August now??? WTF?? We are going to see a lot of celebrities with Apple watch editions

  • faythebest

    I think it’s all about marketing game! Apple is playing with our mind!

  • wuju

    42mm Stainless Watch with Classic Leather buckle – Delivery 24/5 – 8/5
    38mm Stainless Watch with black modern buckle large – Delivery 13/5 – 26/5

    Both were ordered 2 mins apart and the delivery date for the 38mm already slipped. Anyone has their 38mm date in the first shipment date? I’m wondering if the delivery date is available differently based on the size and strap option… Thanks.

  • Kirk

    I think I agree with you!

  • wuju

    42mm Stainless Watch with Classic Leather buckle – Delivery 24/4 – 8/5

    Typo… April 24…..

  • Some 38mm Sport models are still available for April 24, such as the white version.

  • Had to force close the Apple Store iOS app, rush in our orders. Still got the May 21 shipping time. Fingers crossed these times improve in the next two weeks.

  • Rob

    same don’t think I’m gonna preorder if i can’t in store pick up on launch day. try my hand at walking in

  • natedog

    Ok guys. I’m not gonna lie. I am totally drunk. Waited up all night for this. Somehow managed to pull off 2 watches with ship dates of the 24 of April. iPhone app way to go. Off to sleep his one off. Way to go iphonencanaca.

  • Crzyc33

    Stainless Steel 42 White sport band
    Shipping 24/4-8/5
    So between launch day And May 8th I’ll have my watch.

    Sure the aluminum case is nice & functions the same and is MUCH cheaper…but I think the shine of the steel and the sapphire crystal sold me here. Fingers crossed for immediate software updates to fix lags as read in reviews.

    Never the less I’m counting the days!

  • Nate D O G G

  • K4

    First of all, there’s a thing called COMMA :p

  • Matthieu Michaud

    sorry i don’t use comma thanks to smartphones

  • MeadorsMusings

    42mm Sport with blue band 24/4 – 8/5
    42mm Milanese Loop band 2-4 weeks

  • avrilko

    Bought one in Space grey with black band and a silver one with green band in the first minute.

  • Guest

    Ordered one 42 mm SS milanese loop w/o AppleCare+ with delivery 4/24-5/8, then ordered a 38 mm Aluminum white band w/ AppleCare+ with delivery 4/24-5-8, then decided I wanted AC+ for the SS watch so placed another order for a 42 mm SS milanese loop, this time w/ AppleCare+, delivery date still 4/24-5-8! Guys I’m lucky! Now I am trying to cancel my first SS order, but the Apple Store won’t let me do that, seems there is a problem with viewing/cancelling orders at this point!

  • I am still baffled by interest in this product. haha. Congrats to all those that got in there early, though. πŸ™‚

  • gerry

    Mine’s shipping in June. It’s ok, my birthday is that month so will be a nice surprise gift for myself πŸ˜€

  • Zeke

    I slept right past 3am, my credit card still reads zero for this month and I couldn’t be happier. No Watch, no thanks. For those of you who did, I hope you totally enjoy the Watch. It’s not for me.

  • cshudson

    38mm , space grey 4-6 weeks

  • Experiences went very well… So much smoother than the iPhone 6 launch… Was able at 3:02 to get my 42mm aluminum sport with green band in a click…. The App is e way to go and so quick…

    Still a little bumped to see delivery April 24- May 8… The range is so big. Hoping it’s more the launch day since was in the first….

    But like I said, the overall was quick and flawless…

  • Salinger

    You can cancel online now. You just couldn’t for the first while after ordering.

  • Salinger

    I’m hoping the same thing. I got in pretty quickly after it went live and got a delivery window of May 13-26. As you said Gary, I”m really hoping that scales back a bit as I’m going on vacation May 8 and would love to take it with me! …I’m even staying in a Sheraton hotel! πŸ™‚

  • Spiridus

    Got on right away at 3:01 am via iPhone App and successfully ordered the 42mm Sport Aluminum Space Gray, shipping April 24th. Also ordered an extra charging cable but it would not allow me to include it with the purchase of the watch and it will not be shipping until April 24-28th.

  • Eric

    So I set an alarm for 3pm not 3am πŸ™ #Fail… so will Apple Stores not have any on launch day?

  • Rox

    Easy do. Alarm clock rang at 3am (Montreal). Log in on my macbook at 3:01, place the order for Sport Space gray 42mm black + extra charger received confirmation at 3:02 with delivery for 4/24-5/8. With the price tag, knowing it’s rev 1 and so much potential to improve within 2 years, it just never crossed my mind to get a 2nd one or a fancier one πŸ˜‰

  • OliChabot

    Comgrats to everyone who ordered ! I woke up at 3:45AM because I was expecting the iPhone 6 nightmare… Sadly for me it went too well ! Wanted the 38mm space grey sport, but the 4-6 weeks of waiting struggle made me choose the Silver one instead ! Still happy with my choice, and I made an appointment tomorow to go try them out to confirm my choice.

  • johnnygoodface

    You called the Apple Store for the appointment? I would have thought a new “reserve a try on option” would have been available on Apple’s web site

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Really Disapointed Apple has Really Fucked Up Again I Oder Apple Watch Sport 42mm Space Gray Delay Until June 2015 πŸ™ Apple is Fucked :(smh

  • Rox

    After reading all the post, it seems that your survey was not that off. I see almost 50% of Sport Space Gray 42mm. Would you do another for those that has placed order… I’m curious.

  • Flash

    My ship date just says June…which isn’t great as I leave for Europe on June 5 for 4 months, now I’m not sure if I should cancel the order or just cross my fingers that it makes it in time.

  • Guest

    I ordered the 42mm space gray. I got it ordered in the app. Had it already to go in favourites and easy pay enabled. In at 3:01 done at 3:03, back to bed at

  • Josh

    Just spoke with Apple. Try-on appointments allow you to pre order…… Online. So you can go try a watch on today and get it delivered in three months. She also said Apple Store will have them for purchase at some point but they don’t know when. Really disappointed with this.

  • Present forever

    Mr. Gary
    I like your writing style you always make us more excited for every new product
    I started to know if its you before I scroll down to the end πŸ™‚
    By the way I couldn’t wake up on time just 3 hours later but I managed to get the steel model with classic black buckle ( which I m not a big fan of) , I wanted steel with the sport band but it ships 4-6 weeks so basically I chose the other model & paid additional 100$ to get it on 24-4

  • OliChabot

    Not supposed to… I hoped it would have worked like the iPhone 6 launch, being able to walk in-store and get the iPhone you preordered

  • Lol thanks.


    ?I actually fell asleep and woke up at 11:50pm, didn’t even have an alarm set. I think the ghost of Jobs came and tapped me on the shoulder. #gettingold

    ?42mm stainless with classic buckle seems to have had lots in stock last night or it wasn’t a popular choice as we have one coming for April 24.

  • Yes


  • OliChabot

    You lucky…

  • OliChabot

    Same for me in 38mm ! It says 24-8 for shipping, does yours really say april 24th or also the same time frame ?

  • Present forever

    Ha ha that was funny πŸ™‚
    For the 42 steel black buckle yeah it was one of the least popular but soon 40 minutes after my order it changed to 4-6 weeks as well

  • John

    After seeing this article I’ll be taking my time to make my decision. Try on a couple models, see more reviews and ask friends about it. I’ll probably order mine in June and get it at the same time as some people who pre-ordered. No rush πŸ™‚ more time to save for a nicer model πŸ˜‰

  • Mnec

    Order @ 3:05 AM 38mm Space Grey Aluminium Case delivers 13 may- 36 may!

  • Roy

    I set my alarm on my iPhone and I don’t remember what happened but never woke up till seven am πŸ™ I ordered my watch 38 mm sport white band shipping in June :(:(:( I can’t believe the alarm didn’t wake me up or I must have turned it off and went back to sleep don’t remember at all FML

  • Lol…I can’t imagine having to wake up with a 3AM alarm to go spend some moolah

  • Anthony

    Ya I was wondering the same. Did anyone’s actually say April 24? I was pretty sure the earliest is 24-8

  • Anthony

    Just curious was it the 24th or 24-8?

  • Drew Campbell

    Ordered the 42mm Steel with Link Bracelet right away. Delivery was 15/5 – 28/5. I then immediately ordered the 42mm Steel with white Plastic Bracelet as well. Delivery is 24/4 – 8/5. I then ordered the 42mm Link Bracelet separately (band only). Delivery is 1/5 – 14/5.

    This morning I cancelled the first order on the 42mm Steel with Link Bracelet. In the end I got what I wanted with and extra white band to use. I’ll get the watch right away and then couple weeks later I’ll get the band I want to wear with it. Take care.

  • Nilay

    Ohh Man..Ditto only difference is ordered from iPhone Apple app. Same feelings for wife. Love to get one for her but dont want to get the responsibility for 2 iPhone and 2 Watch to charging.

  • matt

    same time frame but i have a good feeling that it’ll ship on release day

  • Jason C

    Don’t feel too bad. I ordered my space grey 42mm at 12:04 and still got a ship date of May 22 to June 2.

  • Jason C

    My order went through only a couple minutes after it was available, and I still got the notice that I’ll have to wait 6 to 8 weeks! Are they limiting stock to other countries to fulfill orders first in the US?

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    no point trying to walk in as stores wont have launch day stock.

  • bspence88

    I ordered the 38mm Sport with white band.. Says it ships on the April 24th – May 5th. I ordered and shipped to my US address.

  • faythebest

    Hello all, does anyone know when we should start seeing delivery updates for Apple watches to be delivered between 24/04-08/05? It still says “processing items”.

    Sorry this is my first time using the delivery option.

    Thank you

  • Salinger

    Assuming you ordered on .com and paid in USD. won’t allow you to enter a non-Canadian shipping address. The CAD gained a few cents over the past few days, if it continues you might come out ahead on the exchange.

  • Nonsuch30

    I ordered a Sport version of the watch and the shipping shows as “Delivers: 24/4-8/5”. It still shows as “Processing”. Has anyone’s order been changed to “Preparing For Shipment” yet?

  • Nonsuch30

    My Visa was charged for the watch today (2015-04-20) and the status has changed to “Preparing For Shippment”.

  • Thanks!