Apple Watch Pre-Order Time Set for 12:01 AM PDT on April 10 in Canada, U.S.


Apple has announced Apple Watch pre-orders on April 10 will begin at 12:01 AM PDT (3:01 AM EDT; set your alarm clocks), as expected, in line with other product launch times such as the iPhone, as confirmed on an update on the company’s U.S. website, first spotted by MacRumors.

The Canadian Apple Watch page shows the same start time, which makes sense since Canada is also part of the launch:

Screenshot 2015 04 03 10 51 30

Which Apple Watch model are you going to pre-order? Have you changed your mind over the past couple of weeks? Click here to check out the Canadian Apple Watch price matrix.


  • Guest

    So 3:01am eastern 🙁 gonna be along night!

  • Siri: set an alarm for 2:55AM and also remind me to up my credit card limit the day before.

  • Guest

    Well played!

  • OliChabot

    If it goes the same way as the iPhone 6 release, we’ll stay up until 5AM to finally be able to reserve one.

  • kabsalsa

    I hope I can preorder a couple and then cancel the one I don’t want. It’s hard to know the right size to pick and whether I will like the white or black sport best as a woman. I think I will go sport due to price but I wonder if I see the sport vs stainless and will have to have the stainless. The sport looks cheap in photosa bit.

  • IB6UB9

    In the Apple Store app I already have a white 38 sport and a black 42 sport in the favorites so they’re there waiting for me. Also ordering the new MacBook in Gold.

  • Guest

    Do you know if there is a limit of 2 watches per person similar to ordering a newly released iPhone? Or is there possibly no limit due to more variety?

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Going to grab a 38mm Sport for myself and fiancé.

    38’s a little scary, as my wrists aren’t tiny, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading about watches lately, and it’s apparently a much more common (and elegant looking) size for a premium men’s watch. Especially factoring in that it’ll have a completely black face most of the time, I think it’ll be alright!

    Did anyone else print out the paper cutouts like I did?

  • Have not printed the paper cut outs yet, but might have to do that soon. I am set on a 42mm Sport, unless something crazy happens and I go stainless at the last minute!

  • Roy

    im ordering the white 42 mm m/l hope its not to big i got small wrists for a guy

  • Roy

    for a male with small wrists, is the 42 mm a good idea?

  • If you don’t like it you can return it. Try those print outs and see for yourself first. I think a bigger screen might be better, we’ll find out soon.

  • roy

    well i did the cut outs,, with the 38 mm and the s/m was to small, so i guss the medium large will fit and i think ill like the larger screen, just think white with match more with everything, but i kinda like the blue and the black, what color do u perfer

  • Going to go with dark Sport in 42mm. I think this will be a popular pick.

  • sukisszoze

    i am thinking of sport with black bands (less flashy) but I also have the new color Pebble coming too…may be upgrade to a stainless in a few years..