Some Canadian Apple Watch Preorders Slated for May Now ‘Preparing for Shipment’


Looks like some Apple Watch preorders slated for May deliveries are now ‘Preparing for Shipment’, as shown by iPhoneinCanada reader @itsCyrusR, whose watch had an arrival estimate of May 13 – May 26:

Apple watch stainless early ship

Meanwhile, U.S. customers are seeing similar movement with their preorders, as MacRumors notes some May and June delivery estimates have similarly moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’.

Just over a week ago, Apple reportedly informed a customer Apple Watch preorders could ship sooner than June, and now it appears that email may have had some weight. Most of the time though, Apple does provide larger delivery windows to set customer expectations during product launches when constrained by limited supply.

On Monday, some of the first Apple Watch preorders in Canada were moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’, which most likely means delivery will happen on April 24 for those in major urban centres.

Has your May or June Apple Watch preorder moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’?


  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Mine did within the last hour. I was getting these alerts and was hopeful I would be included for an earlier delivery than May 13 – 26. I am not sure it will be delivered by Friday though since we are late Wednesday afternoon.

  • Go Apple Go

    Ordered a Sport 38MM Space Grey still ”
    Processing Items Delivers: 24/4-8/5 by Standard Shipping” as of now

  • Roy DonovN

    i was in a pickle mine will ship in June so i had lots of time so i thought , they tried to charge my card today, so i called and told them my situation i get paid friday, there gonna hold my spot and bill me Friday and ship to me, on april 22 to may 5th but just 3 days ago said wasn’t shipping till June lol

  • MNEC

    No changes for me shipment date 13-26 may(ordered S.38MM S.G.)

  • Corey Hoffarth

    I’ve got my stainless steel space grey set for July. I would love it if it came late May early June

  • Kirk

    Man this makes no sense. Ordered a SS with black sport band with confirmation email set for April 24 – May 8 at 3:02am and my status still shows processing yet some orders of May 13 – 26 are now at preparing for shipment? Has anyone’s black sport band with SS gone out of the processing items stage?? Ugh… Lol.

  • sukisszoze

    Sport watch with shipping dates of Apr 24 – May 8 but still ‘processing’…I highly doubt my watch will come by this Friday..

  • Same here. Not SS. I ordered a Sports edition with black band and got confirmed email set for April 24 – May 8 at 12:04AM (PST) and my status is also still at “Processing Items”.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    I just got an invoice email from Apple that says the ship date for my white sport 42mm was April 22, according to my bank I was charged on the 20th so I expect to get a tracking number tomorrow sometime!

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    check with ups. track by reference, change the shipping window to the 24th reference number your phone number

  • wstoneman

    Both my grey sport and ss milanese are now shipped as of 5:30 EDT. the delivery is for monday 27th. i ordered sport at 3:05 and ss milanese at 3:30.