First Apple Watch Pre-Orders in Canada Now ‘Preparing for Shipment’ [PIC]

Those able to get in early on initial Apple Watch pre-orders in Canada are starting to see their orders ‘preparing for shipment’, as shown below by iPhoneinCanada reader @ClaudeYJL:

Apple watch preparing for shipment

Those with delivery dates of April 24 to May 8 are starting to see their orders getting ready to ship and credit cards charged.

Are you seeing your initial pre-order ship yet? What are your delivery dates?

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  • mohsin

    Nothing yet…. Purchased at 3:05am on april 10, 2015

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    I’ve been charged for one of my two Watches, and it’s also moved to ‘Preparing for Shipment’. So excited!

  • faythebest

    Preparing for shipment for my three 38mm Apple watch sports. Processing item for the 42mm SS. Hope it changes too later tonight!

  • matt


  • Kirk

    Nothing yet for me. But then again I order the stainless steel. They are probably going through the sport watch pre-orders first since it’s the biggest batch. Order 3:02 am.

  • OliChabot

    My credit card just got charged ! Can’t wait to get this product. Ordered Friday @ 3:45AM

  • matt

    So if it’s preparing for shipment now, is there a good chance it’ll arrive April 24? Or has there been any instance where people have waited until the Monday after the weekend?

  • Olivier

    Same for me. Ordered it (42mm black sport) and my statut isnt change yet 🙁

  • OpinionMTL

    Does it mean we will get it on April 24?

  • faythebest

    I saw “preparing for shipment” for a person on another forum for the stainless steel model. Maybe it is going to be a different batch for Toronto!

  • Jeff

    I ordered 2 stainless steel one with a leather classic band that is preparing for shipping but my one with black sport band is still in processing

  • Kirk

    You’re right. I looked around online “just because” and people in the states Stainless Steel models are getting charged too. Guess I’ll just wait. I called my bank to make sure my credit card was good. So yeah, got paranoid for a second there lol.

  • Jeff

    I think that was mine and I’m in Toronto. I posted on Mac rumours forum

  • Kirk

    Ah. Which stainless steel did you get?

  • faythebest

    Ahhh lucky one! I want the stainless steel one. I hope the status changes tonight!

  • faythebest

    Same here. Checked my account online and my credit limit is fine! Did you order other models as well or just the SS? I ordered the SS 42mm with black sport band

  • Kirk

    Oh gosh no. Just the one model. I am a poor man lol. I ordered the exact same one as you. SS 42mm with black sport band.

  • bspence88

    My US order is preparing to ship. From my experience, if it says delivers between 24th-5th, you get it on the 24th. It delivers later if you live in remote areas.

  • Kirk

    This is very true. However you meant April 24 – May 8. 🙂

  • faythebest

    Lol, well let me know when you see changes on your account!

  • Kirk

    Sure. You as well.

  • bspence88

    Whoops. Yeah that’s what I meant

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    Which two models did you order? I order the 42mm white and 42mm space grey both within 2 minutes of each other at about 3:05AM essentially as soon as the store came back online… My white is “preparing for shipment” my space grey has not changed from processing yet.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    Has anyones 42mm Space Grey changed to “Preparing for Shipment” yet?

  • Jason Reid

    Same here. My wife’s 38 White sport is preparing and mine, 42mm Black Sport is still processing with a date of May 15th-May 28th. Booooooo!!!!!

  • Kam

    Anyone get shipment notice for the stainless steel Milanese loop watch?

  • Dave

    I ordered a 42mm Stainless Steel with a black Sport band at 3:04am, and a separate Milanese Loop at 3:05am.

    Nothing yet for me.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    My date for my space grey is 24/4-8/5 but still nothing…

  • Jason Reid

    Oh thats crappy!!! Looks like they’ll be pushing that delivery to the last day.

  • Salinger

    I ordered Space Black Sport about 8 minutes past. My “delivered” date shows May 13-26. 🙁

    Last time I checked earlier today, it was still in “processing”. When I just went to check my order status now, it says “Something went wrong with your request. Please try again later.” So, I can’t even see my order at this point. I don’t know if that means anything, or just a coincidence. Given the scarcity, I doubt I’m getting it early, but it would be such a nice surprise!

  • Jackmicro

    Yes me. Montreal – 42mm space grey – got the confirmation email at 3:02am on april 10th. Turned to “Prepare for shipment” around 6ish EST today.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Same boat! My Silver 38mm is Preparing for Shipment, while my Fiancés Space Grey is still processing.

    Both ordered as soon as the store went live with 4/24-5/8 deliveries.

  • Casey K

    Space Gray 42mm w/black sport band preparing for shipment. Vancouver bound.

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    What time did you get your confirmation email at if you don’t mind me asking?

  • Casey K

    No problem, 1202 am.

  • dke850

    Still waiting to hear about my order moving over to “Preparing”. I cannot remember, did people get an email stating the change?

  • Present forever

    Still dont see prepare for shipment yet ????
    My delivery date 24-4 to may 8

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I ordered the Apple Watch (not Sport and definitely not Edition). I am still scheduled for mid-May.

  • wuju

    Same as above. Preparing for shipping with date April 24 – May 4

  • wuju

    Mine is Stainless Still 42mm with classic leather strap. Ordered like 3:02am

  • ? Ivan

    I have ordered two, one is prepared to ship and other processing. Both ordered at 3am exactly . Hope they come on the same day.

  • Duff

    it seems any stainless steel pre-order for sport black band are not getting preparing for shipment that have 24/4-8/5 yet??

    my confirmation email was at 12:08am and pre-order was around 12:05am.

  • tfehr

    Still nothing for me. And I placed my order (Apple Watch w black sports band) within 5 minutes of pre-orders opening 🙁

  • Guest

    It’s Tuesday, if watches are to hit Friday would they not have to go out tomorrow?

  • Usually they are stored at a UPS facility until the last minute. I’d wait another day or so.

  • Bob Langevin

    42mm Sport, Blue. Also preparing for shipment status

  • Ammar

    Me! Same exact order, confirmation was at 3:07 (12:07 PST) and it’s still processing. As far as I know, in the past everything that I’ve ordered from Apple has been delivered on the first day. But the Watch is an online only sale so I don’t know how much that affects them.

  • Giuseppe

    Same here same model ss 42 black sport at at 12:04 and still no charge on card

  • Kirk

    Hey Gary,
    Maybe next time you should setup a poll based on city for shipments status changes. It would be interesting to see the differences. I ordered my stainless steel black sports band at exactly 3:02 am and my status is still at processing. I am in toronto. I hope to god it’s because I am near the postal facility. My delivery date is April 24 to May 8

  • Kirk

    Any changes for you? Mine still says processing. If nothing changes today I will not be happy lol.

  • faythebest

    Hey man, still the same. I will be worried if the status doesn’t change by tonight! Customers with SS BSB 38mm got their CC charged yesterday at around 3PM (as per Macrumors forum). So I am hoping to see the 42mm today! Let’s hope for the best and stay positive for this Friday delivery!

  • Kirk

    Seems as though they are also saying based on the tracking system they are using it is next day delivery so it seems plausible..but who knows. Yes if there is no change today then it will suck lol.

  • faythebest

    If we don’t get our watches this Friday, she should go to an Apple store and start protesting, hahaha!

  • Bryan

    I ordered 2 watches. 42mm space grey and that is still showing as “processing items” meanwhile my 38mm Green Sport was charged two days ago and still says Preparing for shipment. I ordered both watches witin about a minute of being able to (Emails recived at 1:03 am Mountain time). Both have an April 24 to May 8th Shipment date.

  • Jason

    Ordered 38mm Black Sport at 3:02am and it’s still “processing”. Ordered my partner the 38mm White Sport on his phone right after that and his is “preparing for shipment” and he just got his shipping email! I’m in Toronto. Grrrr