All Apple Watch Models Compared: Canadian Price Matrix [PIC]


Earlier today we posted about an all-in-one Apple Watch spreadsheet created by Rob Griffiths. With the permission of Rob, we have now modified his price matrix but inserted Canadian dollars so you can compare which Apple Watch you’re going to (maybe) purchase.

Check out the Canadian price matrix below for your reference (click the image for full-sized view):

Apple Watch Matrix Canadian DollarsApple Watch pre-orders go live on April 10 in Canada and other first-wave countries, with a launch set for April 24, 2015. What model do you have your eyes set on?


  • poopchute

    Is anyone going to pay these prices? I think they’re crazy.
    I’m hoping nobody buys them, and Apple drops the price by $200 in a couple months like they did with the original iPhone.

  • exp

    These prices are crazy. I almost always buy the new apple anything on the first day, but even I’m still having sticker shock. $519 for a 42mm watch with a rubber band? $69 for just a rubber band on its own? or $200 for just a leather band? I know there’s masses of people who will buy apple stuff on launch no matter what the price, but seriously? I usually am one of those in the masses, but this is really crazy.

  • Tim Stewart

    At the U.S. Prices I was considering it, though the added cost just to have a watch that doesn’t look out of place on a man’s wrist still annoys me… But an additional $120 on $400 just feels like a steep “North of the border” tax.

  • BNSquareUp

    u stupid. have you not seen the exchange rates? do some light reading and you’ll see why it’s justified. FOH with ya stupidity

  • Why so serious