Apple Hands Out Rainbow Watch Bands to Employees for Pride 2016 [PICS]


Apple celebrated the 2016 LGBT Pride festival in San Francisco by handing out a limited edition rainbow Apple Watch band to all its employees taking part in the festivities (via TheNextWeb). Many Apple employees showed off their bands on Twitter and Instagram, along with a card from Apple letting them know that their participation earned them the band.

Doney 2016 Jun 26

“This limited-edition band is a symbol of our commitment to equality and we hope you’ll wear it with pride,” reads the company’s commemorative note. The band may also be a sneaky nod to Apple’s iconic rainbow logo from 1976. There’s however no word yet on whether Apple will sell these rainbow bands to non-employees.

Check out more pics below:

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  • Kyle Mitton

    Thats not a normal band is it? I like the clasp on the sport, the rubber bands pull my hairs out

  • Ashley Mann

    This one isn’t hard to figure out. Support LGBT and sales go up. Don’t support LGBT and you’re out of business. Simple. Instead of Aple Watch bans, Apple should have handed out t shirts with the Apple logo and the tag line that said, “ifuck freely”. That would have been a lot more effective.

  • Guest

    Don’t forget it is also the CEO’s lifestyle, and it is his career goal to promote it. Want to keep your job, better to follow suit.

  • That’s kinda gay.

  • Hi33333333

    the CEO is gay

  • MistahTibbs

    So, was this an optional thing?
    If an employee didn’t feel like wearing one they didn’t have to?

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’m sure everyone who didn’t participate got fired.

  • Alex

    WoW so many fucking dumb comments on here…. All you moron behind your screens.

  • Ashley Mann

    i have no doubt each and every employee at Apple is LGBT supportive at work. I can’t see Tim allowing anyone to step outside the Apple “we love gay” mantra. I also have no doubt that if an employee said anything negative or had a personal view of LGBT that failed to fall in line with Tim’s, Tim would ensure they were replaced and quickly.