Revealed: How Apple Store Employees Will Sell You the Apple Watch


Apple strongly believes that “many customers have already decided they want an Apple Watch,” the sales pitch leaked to 9to5Mac reveals. This doesn’t justify the 41 million-unit forecast of analysts; instead, it reveals Apple’s approach to customers when it comes to Apple Watch sales.

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According to the sales pitch shared by Mark Gurman, Apple employees will focus on three key features — selling points — of the wearable: health and fitness, new ways to connect, and timekeeping.

Since customers want an Apple Watch — the sales pitch says — the employees’ job will be to help customers find the right device and gently push them toward an upgrade if needed. To achieve that, employees have been instructed to start the conversation by asking the right questions after listening for cues that reveal what the customer cares about.

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Also, employees are trained to discover the customer’s needs, tastes, and material preferences. Some of the questions you may face when visiting an Apple Store to buy an Apple Watch include “Are you looking for a watch that’s more casual or formal?” and “Do you prefer metal or leather bands?”

Applewatchsales 3

With the Apple Watch, the company hopes to invigorate its accessories business, Apple SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts confirmed to retail employees: Apple will individually sell different band options, so customers will be able to buy a Watch from any collection with an included band and then change to the band of their preference.

Also, Apple Stores will have safes to store the more expensive models and glass-covered Apple Watch display tables. As for the high-end gold model, employees will use a special iPhone app to unlock the table.

An interesting addition would be a new “Special Reservation” program: customers will be able to pre-reserve a custom Apple Watch casing and band combination and then complete the sale after trying it on.

Apple is just days away from a media event that is expected to bring additional details of the Apple Watch such as pricing and its exact launch date.


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