Apple Watch Sapphire Display Compared vs Tissot Watch with Diamond Tester [VIDEO]


Toronto-based YouTube channel Unbox Therapy has tested the Apple Watch and its sapphire crystal display against other watches using a jeweller-grade diamond tester.

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Lewis Hilsenteger tests and verifies the Apple Watch does indeed have a sapphire crystal display and also compares it to a Tissot watch with a similar display. Also tested in the video is an LG G Watch R and Apple Watch Sport, which of course do not have sapphire displays, with the latter having Ion-X strengthened glass instead.

Hilsenteger, who has been critical of Apple in his infamous iPhone 6 ‘bendgate’ video, says this time around the sapphire crystal shape on Apple Watch with rounded edge is “such an achievement.”

Check out the video below:

So yes, Apple Watch does indeed have a sapphire crystal display, if you were wondering. Consumer Reports recently put Apple Watch displays under their own scratch tests, which you can check out here.


  • joe

    oh no not this idiot again. I rather not give him a view for doing that whole iphone bend bs.

  • ????Dennis

    My thoughts exactly when I finished reading the article. This guy is such a loser, why even link his video Gary?