Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K Pre-Orders Launch in Canada


If you’re not pre-ordering an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus tonight, you’re probably ordering an Apple Watch Series 3 or Apple TV 4K.

The new Series 3 Apple Watch this year comes with an option for cellular built in, allowing user to be truly independent from their iPhone.

Bell is the first carrier in Canada to launch support for this, priced at $5 per month as an add-on to your plan. Telus is set to launch support for Apple Watch Series 3 cellular users later this year.

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Do note, Apple Watch Series 3 Nike+ models can be pre-ordered today, but they don’t ship until October.

Also, only the Series 3 cellular versions have a ‘red dot’ on the Digital Crown and a ceramic back, whereas the GPS-only version has a composite back.

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If you have a 4K TV, then you probably also want to pre-order your Apple TV 4K with HDR and Dolby Vision support, priced at $229 CAD.

Let us know what you ordered tonight!


  • Cody Woodward

    Grabbed a series 3 GPS model in space grey w/grey band(without unlimited data plans theres no way I’d get cellular as I’d only use it for streaming music). and grabbed my wife the iPhone 8 Plus Gold 256GB, because she just switched to freedom mobile and her 7 Plus doesn’t support their LTE. Now I just have to wait my turn for the X….

  • Firat Ataman

    Cellular model has a different back as well as 16GB instead of 8GB. Even if you are not going to use LTE, it is worth it

  • Chris Lindsay

    Ordered through the Apple Store phone app:
    Series 3 GPS+ Cellular 42mm Space Grey Grey Band for in store pickup Sept 22nd (delivery to Ottawa would have been Sept 25th)
    Apple TV 4k 64gb for delivery (no in store pickup available)

    Interesting- I noticed the order for the Apple TV went through right away on my credit card but not for the phone. Both orders showed up right away through the Apple Store App on my phone. So I ordered another watch (same config) and double checked that I was using the proper credit card for ordering. And I was. But just to be safe I kept the second order. Neither watch has show up on my CC yet @3:32am ET.

  • Cody Woodward

    meh I have a Series 0 sport that has the composite back and its still fine. It also has the 8GB storage (5.8GB capacity) and I’m still at 4.1GB free and don’t really use many of the apps on there anyways as I always have my phone on me. I just want better sensors, faster processing as the Series 0 is SLOW and better waterproofing. If the Sport Cellular model had come with the sapphire front I would have dropped the extra $101 (difference after taxes) on it. Figure I’ll upgrade again in the near future if they can finally figure out how to properly track resistance training (bodybuilding) or even if they come out with a nicer design with more real estate for the screen.

  • Shawn Rouse

    Most of the time the credit card isn’t charged until the product ships.

  • poopchute

    I used Apple Pay with the Store app on my phone this morning to grab an Apple TV.
    The whole process took about 15 seconds. Pretty cool.
    I was also charged immediately.

  • bbousquet

    Ordered the ATV4K. Hoping they do deliver it on the 22nd. I remember pre-ordering the ATV 4th gen 2 years ago and the delivery was so slow that I ended up driving to the local Apple Store to get it on release day.

  • Ditto. Delivered to my door versus apple watch to get it on day one I have to pick up in Store

  • poopchute

    Now that you mention it, I remember doing the same thing.
    I picked one up from the store on release day, and then returned the one that came by mail a week later.