Many 42mm Space Grey Apple Watch Sport Preorders Have Shipped


It appears Apple has started to ship the popular 42mm Apple Watch Sport Space Grey preorders, as we’re hearing from many of you that your orders have shipped today, and are expected to arrived Wednesday (including ours). The original expected delivery date was May 21. Looks like the wait won’t be as long now, as promised by the company.


Has your 42mm Apple Watch Sport in Space Grey shipped?


  • Vincent Labonté


  • Jason Reid

    Sure has Gary!

  • Bradley Smith

    Mine shipped on Friday (38mm SS w/milanese loop), but still today the UPS tracking number doesn’t work. Do your tracking numbers already work?

  • Vas

    My Space Grey changed from “Shipping in June” to now saying “Delivers May 29 to June 11″…still a long way for me 🙁

  • Steve

    Mine says the same,, Shipped Saturday but UPS tracking still not working.

  • Naiqi Xiao

    When did you place the order? Thanks, mine is still in preparing…

  • Dhubert

    Shipped here yeah!

  • Go Apple Go

    I Called Apple regarding this, The Apple Rep said “according to them the label hasn’t been printed, even though there is one assigned to it.” Also said I would get it by Wednesday.

  • Steve

    More info than they gave me. What Province are you in?

  • J-P

    my grey 38 mm will be delivered on Wed. I ordered it at 3:02 am on the 10th. My brother ordered his 42 mm sliver aluminum with white band 3 minutes later and he got his last Friday.
    Regarding tracking number, shipping is from outside canada is not always via UPS.

  • Derek Kraneveldt

    Was your 38 shipped yesterday? My 38mm SG charged and was listed as shipped yesterday, but the tracking number still brings nothing up!

    *Edit: Sorry! Scrolled down and saw it was happening to other folks too!

  • hmjkyle

    my 42mm Space Grey with black band shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. I ordered @ 12:02 AM PST. My UPS tracking number works and show my watch is well on it’s way from PA to here in California 🙂

  • GO Apple Go

    I live in Waterloo, Ontario

  • cshudson

    my 38 mm sport sg still says May 14th-27 🙁 Ordered as soon as the store went online, about 4:03 local time.

  • David

    Yep! Mine originally said ships May 21st. Got email today saying it has shipped. UPS tracking number not active yet, but expect it this week

  • Dezumondo

    Finally! I will eliminate my FOMO. That was the most gratifying push notification sound.

  • mnec

    No luck for me : ( still says 13-may- 26 may for 38 MM space Gret

  • mnec

    sorry for typo *Space Grey

  • Jim bob

    Got mine at 5:30 today..after watching and waiting all day Friday…it arrived in my town and sat at UPS all weekend…
    Well worth the wait… Loving it !!??????

  • Tracking number doesn’t show anything yet, but I expect it to in the next 24 hours.

  • Salinger

    Wait, people with expected delivery date of May 21 have had theirs shipped? Yet there are so many of us with delivery date of May 13 with no progress?!

  • Dezumondo

    I assume the supply chain depends on the model, strap choice, purchase date/time and shipping location.

  • Bradley Smith

    Mine just now switched to work. Just says “Ready for UPS”. No additional email. Guess it really didn’t ship on Friday!

  • Ty

    My SG 42 still says shipping : June, maybe I can hibernate until then

  • Will Feng

    if i order today, anyone knows when you it come?

  • Andre

    42mm Space Gray/Black Band. Was suppose to be delivered 14-28 May. Got notification of shipping late yesterday afternoon. Will get it Wednesday, the 29th. Sherbrooke, QC region.

  • Russ

    Mine was shipped Monday.

  • Steve

    No Apple love for me as of yet. Mine used to say May 20, then switched to May 20 – June 1st and still says May 20 – June 1st. My friend who ordered a 38mm Sport initially had a shipping date of June, but got hers last Friday

  • Steve Ries

    No change in my son’s. Said 13 May when it was ordered at 3:04 eastern, and still says 13 May.

  • Salinger

    Understood when talking about different watch configurations or locations. However, this article is dealing with one specific configuration (42mm Space Grey Sport) and only for Canada. If, on an order confirmation, I was given a delivery date of May 13, and someone else was given a delivery date of May 21, it stands to reason I ordered before them.

    Yet, according to this article at least, some May 21 orders have already shipped and I (and many others) with a May 13 date, have not.

  • Dezumondo

    Anticipated delivery date May 21.
    Pushed to April 30.
    Delivered on April 29.
    Go Apple.

  • Awesome!

  • Nick

    Mine still says shipping in June, ordered on April 12th. (42mm sport space grey)

  • Kirk Christopher Faris

    Same, I don’t get it at all. Still have the May 13-27

  • Jason C

    This is a late post, but I was disappointed when I ordered my watch on April 10 at 12;04 but go the delivery date of May 25- June 2, but then got a shipping notice and received it on April 30! What a rollercoaster of emotions.

  • Gotta love it when that happens!

  • NeftyCorrea

    still in the processing stage

  • Alberto Romano

    Ordered on April 13 in Germany, still waited for June, no news yet.
    Sport 42mm Space Gray/Black Band

  • Spencer Johnson

    My 42 mm space grey apple watch sport is still stuck in processing order ugh!!!!

  • Spencer Johnson

    I also was orderd it on April 26th

  • Renaud Adorno

    I’ve ordered mine 12:10 PST, but no delivery yet. Has someone a later order and got it already? I’m wondering that it’s taking too long. :/

  • After moving from ‘Preparing to Ship’ on May 10, my buddy had his 42mm Dark Sport arrive today. That was fast.

  • Adam Bingham

    Still waiting….estimated delivery is May 13th – May 27th. Still processing order…… Going nuts!!! Ordered April 10th @ 3:13am EST

  • Adam Bingham

    Am I the only one who ordered on the release day but still doesn’t have a watch??

  • killadave

    don’t feel bad ordered mine on april 10th at 3:30am EST and my shipment is may 29- jun 11. Sucks….

  • I have the same exact ship dates. Still Processing. I had no idea that the Space Grey Apple Watch with Black Band would be this popular. I see a ton of Silver and White iPhone 6 models out there. Apparently that’s not as popular with the Apple Watch. My Dad ordered a Silver Apple Watch with a Blue Band on the 11th, same as me, and he got his a week after ordering.