Apple Watch Sport to Come with Two Bands in the Box [PIC]


Looking closely at the ‘What’s in the box’ details of Apple Sport Watch, we have discovered that Apple will be shipping the Apple Watch Sport edition watches with two bands, most likely different sized, to better fit the wide variety of wrists (see below). The description notes that the watch will ship with a magnetic charging cable, a usb power cable and ‘two bands’.

Screenshot 2015 03 09 13 31 00

It is however interesting to point that Apple Watch (steel) models with Sport bands do not come with two bands. Perhaps Apple is using it as another ‘selling point’ for the entry level Sport models?

Earlier, we posted about the Apple Watch ‘Sizing Guide’ as well, which should help you pick the right size watch and the corresponding band for you wrist.


  • Chrome262

    USB power adapter, not cable

  • Guest

    The two bands are because the cheaper ones are two seperate pieces The metal ones are one piece

  • Christopher Jones

    Yes, they’re two separate pieces, but that’s not what they’re referring to. The Sport Band comes in two different sizes, “S/M” and “M/L”. The colour would be based on the watch style you get you get (silver comes with either white, blue, green, or pink bands, and the space grey comes with black bands)