Apple Will Reportedly Introduce New iPhone SE at Event in Late August


According to a new questionable report from iGeneration, Apple could unveil a new iPhone SE at an event next month.

The report sites unnamed sources claiming that Apple will hold an event in August to show off an updated version of the 4-inch iPhone. The timeline makes the rumour questionable given that Apple has never unveiled any new iPhone models in August.

The current iPhone SE has the specifications of the iPhone 6s, so any new model would likely contain specs closer to the iPhone 7.

When introducing the iPhone SE, Apple acknowledged that some people simply love smaller phones, and revealed that it sold 30 million 4-inch iPhones in 2015. The device has the same body as the iPhone 5s, but it contains much faster hardware components to be able to run Apple’s latest version of iOS.


  • Nick

    I’ve gotta say, I’m officially fatigued by these reports on constant rumors. iPhone 8 delayed, not delayed, no Touch ID, yes Touch ID, no retina scan, phone priced at 1000. Enough is enough. Jeez.

  • Joe

    Agreed. Let’s stick with reliable rumours please. There’s no way they’re having an event in late August. If they were only going to announce a new SE, they’d just update their website, they wouldn’t hold an event.

  • Si2k78

    Agreed, a SE model doesn’t warrant an event style announcement.

  • Beard


  • Dehop

    This would kill sales of the rumoured iPhone 8, 7s and 7s Plus.

    The only way I’d see them doing it in August, is if they’re targeting back-to-school season, and they’re limiting it to students with valid ID only (valid strategy, many won’t be able to afford the pricier ones on their own, but an upgraded SE will keep students from buying cheap Androids), then perhaps opening up to the public several months after the iPhone 8’s release (like March, when the first SE was announced).