Apple Working with Nuance for Voice Recognition Technology in iOS 5?


Nuance is the company behind the powerful software Dragon Naturally Speaking for desktop computers. They also have iOS versions featuring their technology in Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search.

The latest rumour according to TechCrunch is Apple will be working closely with Nuance to integrate some sort of voice recognition as part of iOS 5, which we will learn about at the upcoming WWDC.

Apple has previously acquired Siri, another company specializing in voice control that is based on transcriptions from Nuance. For Apple to acquire Nuance, it would cost $6 billion dollars (which isn’t that much considering Apple has over $65 billion in cash). TechCrunch believes both parties have reached a standstill in terms of negotiating a deal.

Do You Still Use Voice Control?

Voice commands have been around for the longest time, and even with Voice Control on my iPhone I barely use it. The tendency to bark commands actually take longer sometimes if your voice isn’t picked up properly. Apple needs to innovate in this realm and introduce something new with voice in iOS 5. If there is one company to try and ‘change the game’ of how we interact with our devices and voice, it’s going to be Apple.

How often do you use voice commands with your iPhone?



  • Yamadorishitate

    Myself, I only use it when wearing my bluetooth headset while driving or working. It’s quite useful then, and I must say accurate.

  • Yeah, it is WAY more accurate than the voice recognition through the UConnect system in my Dodge Journey…We use it while driving a lot. On my motorcycle I like being able to hold the headphone button and tell it to play a different musician or whatever…I wish I could make a genius playlist from the current song with it somehow.

  • Anonymous

    Yea Apple’s current voice recognition hasn’t worked very well at all for me. I find I have to repeat myself every time I use it. I will say “call so & so” and nothing but then I’ll say “dial so & so” and it will work or it happens in the reverse. Very frustrating!

  • Anonymous

    I’d use it more often if it worked better. The option to disable dialing from voice control is nice, at least now I won’t dial long-distance friends when I’m trying to play a playlist.