AppleCare+ Pricing for iPhone X in Canada $249; iPhone 8/8 Plus $169/$199 CAD


AppleCare+ protects your iPhone purchase by extending your warranty coverage to two years, plus it includes fixes for screen and accidental damage for additional fees.

The price of AppleCare for iPhone X will be $249 and comes with up to two incidents of accidental damage. For screen damage, service fees are $39, while any other damage is $129, both with tax on top.

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AppleCare+ comes with priority phone and chat access 24/7, explains Apple, so if there is an issue, you get support immediately.

For comparison, here’s what AppleCare+ costs for other iPhone models:

  • iPhone SE: $129
  • iPhone 6s/7/8: $169
  • iPhone 6s Plus/7 Plus/8 Plus: $199
As you can see, smaller and older iPhone models are less expensive when it comes to AppleCare+.

Given the cost of iPhone X starting at $1319 for 64GB and $1529 for 256GB, the additional cost of AppleCare+ really adds up:

  • 64GB iPhone X + AppleCare+ = $1319 + $249 = $1568 + tax = $1756.16 (in B.C.)
  • 256GB iPhone X + AppleCare+ = $1529 + $249 = $1778 + tax = $1991.36 (in B.C.)

So basically it boils down to…iPhone X plus AppleCare+ versus your mortgage payments. Obviously, the sensible decision is to splurge on iPhone X—am I right?


  • So Young

    price becoming ridiculously crazy now for just a smartphone. iPhone X is almost the same price as some low end iMacs. I just can’t afford this (or even justify) for just a phone.

    I wonder how well the iPhone X will sell.

  • hayman

    Just buy the iPhone X with AppleCare and taxes it’s only a couple thousand dollars. Who needs a place to live in!

  • #tentcity

  • bbousquet

    People also need to be aware that most non-basic credit cards add an extra year to the manufacturer’s warranty (when a new item is purchased in full with the CC). This effectively extends the warranty on your Apple product to 2 years, for free. I’ve done a number of claims over the years and you usually get the payment within a month or two.

  • Alan Yau

    True, but this doesn’t cover glass damage or accidental damage, only manufacturer defects. I don’t think I have had issues after the first year that didn’t deal with screen damage or other damage not covered by the CC warranty.

    I think the appeal of AppleCare is that it covers anything, drops or even completely destroying your $1500 phone.

  • bbousquet

    I guess it’s a matter of personal opinion. I have never had a broken glass on my devices (I’m on my 5th iPhone and 3rd iPad). I did, however, have a 1 month old 5S go through a full washer/dryer cycle (thankfully it fell under the CC’s 120-day coverage).

  • Alan Yau

    The X will be my 7th iPhone, and I haven’t broken a screen either. I did buy AppleCare with my 6 but never used it. It did however allow me to sell it after a year for very little loss in value.

    My point is, that people who would consider AppleCare, would be buying it for accidental damage to the screen or water damage. For either version, it is still a fraction of the cost of the phone for those that know their own carelessness will be an issue.

  • pegger1

    Do these credit card extended warranties still work if you’re not paying full price, as with carrier subsidies?

  • OliChabot

    I know that it also works when you take it with subsidy but pay your contract every month. Do you know if it has to be always with the same credit card ? I would like to put my iPhone on my credit card but my dad pays the contract… Should we put it on his CC ? And what happens if he changes CC ?

  • OliChabot

    I guess the market speaks for itself. We buy fancier phones so companies make fancier phones, which becomes pricier. If people stop buying the top-end device and just go with a cheaper device, companies like Apple and Google will adapt to the demand. But let’s be honest, the iPhone 8 and X will still sell like hot cakes, which in Apples perspective translate to : give me a fancier iPhone for next year !

  • bbousquet

    You’d have to check with the CC company. They told my girlfriend that it was fine when she bought her iPhone through Fido with a small subsidy. YMMV, obviously.

  • bbousquet

    I can’t say for sure. I usually buy the phone full price and stick to my cheaper promo plan. This is something the CC company (well, its associated insurer) should be able to answer.

  • Salinger

    Most credit card extended warranty insurances requires the product be charged entirely to the credit card; you can’t even use a gift card to cover part of the cost.

    Check the fine print of your cardholder agreement just to be sure. I wouldn’t rely on a phone rep.

  • OliChabot

    I get 30% off my plan with Rogers so it’s better for me to take an expensive contract and get the subsidized phone

  • Alan Yau

    Pretty sure this is right. Since if the phone is a complete write off due to damage and costs $1500 to replace and you only charged $800 to the actual CC originally, this would be the max you would be covered for. You would still be out $700 and the $249 for AppleCare doesn’t sound so bad all of a sudden.