Apple Continues to Improve Siri’s Voice Searching Abilities


According to a side-by-side comparison of Apple’s Siri and Google Now carried out this month by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, Apple is continuing to improve its voice-driven personal assistant Siri, though Google Now voice search is still slightly ahead, AppleInsider is reporting. Siri was found to correctly interpret questions 96% of the time, up from an 88% accuracy rate in tests conducted in December 2012.

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In a new research note, Munster shared the results of his tests, according to which Android voice search function correctly answered questions 84% of the time, barely edging out Siri, which was 82% correct. However, he highlights that there’s still a disparity between correctly hearing the question and correctly answering it. When Siri heard the question correctly, it still provided the wrong answer 16% of the time.

Munster’s tests also found that Siri has continued to reduce its reliance on Google, and answered just 3 percent of questions using data from the search giant. That’s down considerably from the 27 percent for which it relied on Google in December of 2012.

“We believe Siri will continue increasing the number of queries it can answer without consulting outside sources,” the analyst wrote. “This is important because if Siri consistently directs users to other search engines, they will be more likely to simply use Google/another search engine instead of going through Siri.”

Last year, Munster ranked Apple’s Siri with a grade of “C+”, which at the time was even with his assessment of Google Now. But now, while Siri improved to a “B-“, Google’s search has been given a slightly better grade of “B”.


  • MikeJenkinson

    DISCLAIMER: I own an iPhone 5S, so this isn’t some Android fan-bashing of Apple.

    In my own personal use, I find that Siri is best for, obviously, controlling things on the iPhone, settling alarms, sending messages, playing music, etc. But I’m constantly amazed at how much Siri gets wrong or falls short in terms of answering questions or finding information compared to Google Now.

    To wit: I asked Siri the other day to find the the lyrics to a song written by an admittedly obscure band that had an unusual name. Siri completely crapped out on it. Google Now not only got it right, but it also (I presume taking from my Chrome search history) spelled the band’s name right and then pushed up EXACTLY the page I needed with the lyrics to that specific song.

    Ditto on flight information. I asked Siri to show me a specific airline flight number that a family member was on. It brought up links to services that track flights. I asked Google Now the same thing and it popped up the box with the flight, where it was departing from, where it was landing, and that it was on time.

  • I agree. Google Now is just so much faster especially when searching within the Google iOS app.

  • Chrome262

    Wait so the app “google search” is better than just using the mike function to figure out what you are saying in the search bar?