Apple’s iPhone 6s Receives Aftermarket Black Gold Coating


Vietnamese company Karalux is now offerings a Black Gold plating service for the iPhone 6s, in addition to its original 24K gold-plating.


The colour is achieved by mixing gold with rhodium in a specific ratio. The company’s technical director said that rhodium itself is 6 times more expensive than gold.

The process of covering an iPhone 6s with Black Gold takes 8 hours and as you may have guessed, it’s not exactly cheap. A 64GB iPhone 6s dipped in the rhodium/gold pot will set you back about $3000 CAD.

[via iCulture]


  • hobbes33

    Why? In about 6 months the next iPhone will come out and you’ll end up with a blinged out out of date iPhone whose value will be less than what you paid.

  • But…but…black GOLDDD!

  • Setak

    New iPhone in 6 months when the 6s just got released 3 days ago? I think we have a scoop here Gary!

  • Esperanza

    I am black gold. Have been all my life. While it is pretty special, it’s not a rare thing…