Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Skips Canada, Expands to UK and China



Today, Apple announced that it will be expanding its iPhone Upgrade Program to the UK and China. The program was previously available only in the US.


Apple introduced the program last year as a way to encourage users to upgrade their iPhone on an annual basis. The program promises a new iPhone every year for a fixed monthly fee. In the U.S. pricing starts from $27/month for the iPhone 7 and $32/month for the iPhone 7 Plus.

Canadians are once again out of luck, with Apple skipping Canada (at least for now). Would you like to see the iPhone Upgrade Program come to Canada? Let us know in the comments below.


  • DravenInc

    Would be nice to see, but only if it’s in no way carrier related. I will not go on contract with a carrier again, and if that means buying my iPhones outright, so be it.

  • mrideas

    I agree. I’d sign up. Why fork out all that cash up front if I can do it over time and get the latest and greatest every year.

  • Matt

    I would love to be able to use the upgrade program. I buy the new one almost every year anyways and it would eliminate the hassle of selling my old one and forking out a bunch of money in one shot. I was really hoping they would announce it for Canada today.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Yes we need this in Canada.

  • Mark Freeman

    A thousand times, yes! When I saw the keynote and they said which countries, I read C… and gasped only to finish reading China. I wish…

  • rjb

    Unless there is a very good reason, Apple is messing up here.

    It’s not the Canadian dollar, the British pound has lost about half its value since brexit but the UK still gets the program.

    While I understand the UK has double the population of Canada (more or less) the level of penetration of the iPhone in the Canadian market is one of the highest in the world.

    Put it simple, if Apple had introduced the program in Canada, I would be heading to the Apple store (sorry, Apple Eaton Centre) as soon as it’s available and get my iPhone 7.

    Since it’s not, I am sticking to my iPhone 6 that still works pretty well. The changes are nice but not groundbreaking.

    If Apple launches the program in Canada before the end of the year, I will consider getting the iPhone 7 to upgrade a year later to the iPhone 8, however, if it’s later (or never) I will just stick with my iPhone 6 until next year’s model. I wouldn’t make sense if they launch it let’s say in March having to wait to March 2018 for the iPhone 8.

    Since I prefer to cut my right hand rather than go on a contract, and since the prices are outrageous, only the upgrade program would push me to buy an iPhone 7.

  • Biggest disappointment of the day for me. I was really sure they would first expand it to Canada next.

  • raslucas

    It’s not Apple. I seem to remember an article about Rogers saying that the iPhone upgrade program wasn’t coming to Canada any time soon. I think there’s a roadblock to Apple getting the upgrade program here…

    Someone should investigate…

  • pure_antiBig3

    Some how, some way I know Big3 teleco got their greedy hands on the Apple handset supplier agreement and made sure this upgrade program skips Canada… I just know it

  • Dario

    As soon as it’s available, I’m jumping in… but I’m not expecting anything, anytime soon.

  • Muhammad ali

    Why apple do not bring upgrate program in canada ? Why only uk and china

  • I was really hoping the upgrade program would come to Canada too… I’d jump in for sure! As others have suggested I think our good ole Canadian telecom overlords have their fingerprints all over this snub.

  • Alexandre Ouellet

    Give us the iPhone apple program!!!!!

  • CMfly

    I would totally pay $350/yr to have the latest phone each year..

  • rgl168

    From what I’ve heard, even in the US you can’t simply walk out of Apple Store with a new iPhone by paying the monthly installment alone. You will still have to go on a postpaid-type monthly carrier plan. You can cancel that plan after the first month, but you cannot walk out with a new iPhone by installment plan alone.

    From CNET article:

    Can I activate a new iPhone 6S or 6S Plus on a service from a prepaid carrier or from a regional operator, like C Spire, if I buy it through the Apple iPhone Upgrade Program?

    No. An Apple spokesman confirmed that the program requires that customers sign up for one of the four major wireless carriers when they purchase one of the new iPhones. The phone must be activated, at least initially, on AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint while you are in the store.

  • pg_72

    I was pretty sure that would be the case. I’ve got a great plan now, not touching a contract again. That’s just me though, different strokes for different folks.

  • karinatwork

    That blows bits. As usually, we’re left behind. It was the same with Apple Pay. Oh well, I suppose if they did expand it, it will eventually come to us as well. Eventually. Just like Apple Pay. Patience has never been my best virtue.

  • Lucas Blaney

    What is stopping us from going down south and joining the program..?

  • Manny12

    it’s annoying how Canada is so late on getting things like this and Apple Pay. I would sign up for the upgrade program in a heartbeat!

  • Steve Moro

    I would love to see the program here but us Canadian’s always are last in line. Do not think its Apple causing the problem. I am sure its the Telco’s. Be more competitive instead of always finding ways to rip consumers off.

  • Darryl Barnes

    Yes please!