Apple’s iPhone X Put Through Extreme Water Tests [Video]


YouTuber EverythingApplePro has released a new video where a brand-new iPhone X is put through an extreme water test.

The first test conducted sees the iPhone X sitting in 1 metre of water for 30 minutes, which is Apple’s rating for the device. As expected, the device does survive and it remains fully functional.

Next, the iPhone X is placed in a basket and thrown 20 feet (6.1 metres) into a river. The device stays at this depth for a total of 5 minutes and survives.

Finally, Apple’s latest flagship smartphone was thrown into a washing machine for a full rinse cycle. This acted as a durability test as much as a water test. To the YouTuber’s surprise, the device came out fully functional after all of these tests.

Apple’s iPhone X clearly is the best iPhone the company has ever built. Owners of the device can be reassured that even if your device falls into a pool or gets wet, everything will most likely be fine.


  • CuJo YYC

    Outside of the US, it’s metre for the SI unit of measure, and meter when referencing a gauge such as a pedometer, thermometer, odometer, et cetera. 🙂

    “20 feet” or, as we’ve been users of SI since 1975, about 6 metres.

  • Flash

    I’m assuming the test was carried out in the US and the resulting depths were quoted from that test. Being a Canadian we are well versed in the imperial system of measurement, I would say more so than the metric (think height and weight). So no need to be pendantic, sounds like a r/iamverysmart post.

  • raslucas

    No, I usually need to convert imperial to metric to truly understand it. They don’t teach imperial in school. I only know lbs and ft because they still tell hockey players’ heights and weights in those values.

  • CuJo YYC

    Right, but as a former editor, one corrects such errors unless they’re in quotation marks.

    Pendants unite. 😉

  • CuJo YYC

    I was metric before Canada converted in 1975. Yes. I’m that old. 🙂

  • Updated!

  • CuJo YYC

    I really was trying to be lighthearted but I do appreciate the change. I love the parenthetical conversion. I’ll interpret that as a subtle and well-deserved jab at me. Cheers.

  • No offence taken, the conversion in brackets was more of an attempt to leave the original text intact–and it was not a subtle jab 🙂

  • CuJo YYC