Unofficial Apple Museum in Prague Takes You Through 41 years of Company’s History


In the Old Town of Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital city, an unofficial Apple Museum appears to feature the world’s biggest private exhibition of the company’s most fascinating products (via Business Insider). The Museum not only takes you through 41 years of Apple’s history, but also pays a tribute to the late CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs.

The museum is in the centre of pragues old town jpg

The Museum displays almost every Apple product ever made, with portraits of Jobs covering the museum’s walls. His quotes can be seen everywhere as well. The museum also takes you through a physical timeline of Apple’s history as a company and its products. Over 40 years of Apple’s products are pictured chronologically on a wall.

Check out some of the most interesting photos from the museum’s display (shot with an iPhone 6 Plus):

Entry to the museum costs around 750 950 9 depending on the exchange rate at the time per adult jpg

Over 40 years of apples products are pictured chronologically on a wall 1 jpg

One of the first things you see is a portrait of steve jobs made from the components of six imac g3s a line of apple computers from 1998 2003 jpg

Wozniak and jobsmet whilst working for hewlett packard in 1971 wozniack was still in college and jobs was still in high school jpg

The museum takes you through a physical timeline of apples history as a company and its products it was founded on april 1 1976 by jobs steve wozniak and ronald wayne jpg

Apple 1


  • SV650

    Apple owns a museum in Prague?

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  • Marc Deets

    The first word in the title has your answer.

  • SV650

    It originally stated “Apple’s Museum…”, but Usman was not sufficiently polite to credit the correction.