Apple’s Old “Passbook” Icon Is Now A Registered Trademark



The US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) has today published the registered trademark for Apple’s old “Passbook” icon, the one that has now been officially replaced by Jony Ive in iOS 7. As PatentlyApple puts it, the old Passbook icon was one of Apple’s best looking icons, that has now been replaced by one of iOS 7’s worst. (see below)

The newly registered Apple trademark was originally filed under International Class 009 which officially covers “software related to handheld digital devices; electronic and encoded gift cards; computer software; computer software for personal information management, and data synchronization software“.

Screen Shot 2013 08 01 at 11 31 59 PM

I personally agree with the fact the new Passbook icon isn’t one of Apple’s best designs. What do you think?


  • HellrideR

    Both looks good, the new one is better, it’s iOS 7-ish

  • Chrome262

    actually the old one, makes its function more apparent, but the new one is more in going with the new OS. I think the original would of fit into new OS, its well designed.

  • ChrisSteves

    I definitely like the colors of the old one better, looks slick with the nice black background. But, seeing how it’s skeumorphic (with the whole black leather), I could see why it was replaced. Apple is taking an aggressive stance against all skeumorphism, to show they’ve changed.

    I hope they are careful with this, because some skeumorphism (like in Icons) can actually look really nice. It sometimes feels like Apple’s design leads have a chip on their shoulder, to prove things can look nice without Forstall’s (sometimes ridiculous) textures. I hope they remember a that a lot those textures (e.g. brushed metal) are beloved by many users, and part of the reason Apple’s designs have the following they do.

    Anyways, back on topic, the new one isn’t bad, but it’s sort of bland. Hope it gets fixed up a little before final release.

    Back OFF-TOPIC: If they don’t replace the ridiculous 3D bubbles of the game center, puppies and kittens will cry tears of disappointment.