Apple’s Rivals Bought Sponsored Tweets Targeting the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c [PIC]


iphone 5s

Apple today unveiled the colourful iPhone 5C and and iPhone 5S with a built-in fingerprint scanner branded as Touch ID. But the company wasn’t the only one prepared for this special event that generates a huge volume of “Apple” tweets. Its rivals were even more prepared.

It appears that all major players in the smartphone industry bought Twitter ads that showed up at when a Twitter user searched for “Apple” or “iPhones” terms. While I am guessing that there is no need to mention some names, here are the rivals that invested the iPhone event to benefit from it: Nokia UK, Samsung, LG, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

Buzzfeed has a collection of the tweets, inserted below. According to their sources, the Apple event generated more than 25,000 Apple or iPhone related tweets per minute. Here is a collection of the most noteworthy rivals’ ads that benefitted from the Apple event.




Top image via Paris Lemon


  • Supacon

    The colors in the Nokia ad look a lot nicer than the ones Apple used. Who knows, though… maybe they look a lot better in person.

  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    It’s funny how they all react about the new iPhone and don’t even give a crap when it’s a Samsung smartphone. There is absolutely NO REASON to switch to a Windows phone.

  • WestCoastStar

    Sounds like fear and terror got the best of Apple’s competitors and rightly so.

  • Chrome262

    I like the nokia’s, and good for windows by the way, to me Apple’s only real competition for years, but no Nokia its only screen size so thats one S. Lots of megapixels do not make a good camera, if that was true then DSLR would have 40, not just 16 or 20