Apple’s Tim Cook, Alphabet’s Larry Page, and Others to Attend Trump’s Tech Summit



According to a new report from Recode, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Alphabet CEO Larry Page, and other tech executives will attend Trump’s tech summit next week.

Those who will be attending (although most of the companies declined to comment to Recode) along with Page, Cook and Sandberg, include: Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella; Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins; IBM CEO Ginni Rometty; Intel CEO Brian Krzanich; and Oracle CEO Safra Catz.

The group of leaders will meet with the President-elect on Wednesday at the Trump Tower in Manhattan. The meeting will reportedly involve all of the key players in the technology sector. In a statement, Oracle CEO Safra Catz said:

“I plan to tell the President-elect that we are with him and will help in any way we can. If he can reform the tax code, reduce regulation and negotiate better trade deals, the U.S. technology industry will be stronger and more competitive than ever.”

While Trump has been critical of Apple’s position on encryption, he is in favor of a tax cut that would allow U.S. companies to repatriate money from offshore at a tax rate of 10 percent. In recent months, Apple CEO Tim Cook has called for a fairer rate.


  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    this is definitely a prank . You just can’t confirm meetings details so for ISIS and associates to plan a attack,

  • Happily In Canada

    What an interesting four years it will be in the US with a new president.

    “Reform tax code, reduce regulation and negotiate better trade deals”. Translation, over tax the middle class, remove labor and environmental laws, etc. Billionaires who have never cared about anyone or any country but themselves are suddenly going to become altruistic? Hahahaha. And I thought that we had it bad in Canada with a Liberal government.

    Watch Trump get himself impeached before his term is up. Even Carl Bernstein today said that Trump is a bigger liar than Richard Nixon and to be very afraid of his authoritarian tone.

  • FragilityG4

    Fear mongering … the left excels at it.

  • iHeartYEG

    I second that; fear, uncertainty and doubt. It’s the same method by left, everywhere.

  • awkpain

    It’s the only thing America understands. Land of the scared.