List of Third-Party Apps with MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Support


Apple showed off the new MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar functionality on stage using third-party apps from big names like Microsoft and Adobe, when it debuted the notebook a few weeks back at a special media event. With Microsoft and Adobe offering Touch Bar functionality for their flagship softwares Office and Photoshop respectively, Apple has now released a list of around 20 apps that will utilize the functionality (via TechCrunch).

Q 80

The list shows the apps that will offer Touch Bar functionality between now and the end of the year, with more to follow subject to a similar vetting process as the one Apple has in place for its App Stores.

Below is the list of apps that will be compatible with Touch Bar:

  • Photoshop, by end of this year
  • djay Pro, later this month
  • Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype
  • Pixelmator, at availability
  • Affinity Designer, later this month Affinity Photo: December
  • Da Vinci Resolve
  • Sketch, later this month
  • Day One, at availability
  • Coda, at availability
  • 1Password
  • OmniGraffle, this month
  • OmniPlan, early December
  • OmniFocus, early December
  • OmniOutliner, Q1
  • Blogo, by end of this year
  • Live Home 3D version 3.1


  • Lakh Jhajj

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Apple products but these days Apple is not innovating its being stagnant. sitting on its laurels hope they wake up soon. Touch Bar will be exactly like 3D Touch on iOS. Nice to have but hardly put to use.
    Apple should have found a way to make MacOS Touch friendly while still keeping mouse and keyboard option. I am sure they can do a better job at touch screens than Microsoft to Google.