Are These Leaked Design Drawings of Next Generation “iPhone 5”?


Earlier this week a video was released that was supposedly the iPhone 4 and next generation iPhone shell side by side. That video was removed from YouTube via Apple.

Today the latest next generation rumour includes leaked design drawings, apparently from Foxconn. The sketches looks similar to the supposed next generation iPhone in the video that was pulled.

Take a look at the the following images, via

So what do you think? Are these leaks part of the rumoured CDMA iPhone coming from Verizon (in time for Valentine’s Day)? John Gruber believes that SIM card slot could be a R-UIM (Removable User Identity Module) that extends GSM capabilities to CDMA phones.

[Thanks to James for sending this in!]


  • plausible… guess the only way to find out is.. to wait.. :(..

  • You’re fukked

    Where did you get these? You better lawyer up. See you soon in court!!

  • It could be a R-UIM but if verizon was smart they would just adapt it, cdma is dead. This could be the new verizon version, but its probably the 4g model to act on the new networks.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at these and the leaked video I would wager iPhone 5. There are now 4 notches in the metal antenna housing with what looks like a connection between the two largest pieces. If I had to guess I would say that the antenna will now be on both sides of the iPhone to eliminate the antennagate issue.

  • Thomaswilsonreid

    “your fukked” who are you to say see you in court? Lol