Are You an iPhone 5 ‘Fanboy’? [INFOGRAPHIC]


With Tuesday coming up in less than 48 hours (if you don’t know what’s happening on that day–you should by now!), it’s time to ask yourself a question: are you an iPhone fanboy or fangirl?

The following infographic was compiled from the responses provided by 1000 iPhone owners 18 and older living in the U.S. Take a look below:

iPhone 5             INFOGRAPHIC |

I’m not a fan of the term ‘Apple fanboy’. I find the phrase ‘person that loves to allocate disposable income (from slaving away at a 9 to 5 or money from collecting empties) to Apple Inc. in exchange for a revolutionary device’, far, far, more accurate.

[via Mashable]


  • Anonymous

    Gary, I wouldn’t call you a fanboy either. You’re critical of Apple when you need to be, and can see issues.

    I would say a fanboy (of any sort of consumer item/thing) is someone who blindly purchases goods from said company simply because it is made by said company. If you like apple products, their suite your needs and you have many apple products, that doesn’t make you a fan boy at all, just a fan :P. However, if you own all of those things because they are Apple products and you bought it because it has a silver Apple on the back, well then you are a fanboy.

    Every company/product type has fan boys. Apple just happens to have products that have the social image of being cool, so obvious they attract the most too. 

  • Phew, I am not viewed as a fanboy! Winning! 🙂

  • SayWhat?

    Your argument is typical of what an Apple Fanboi in denial would say in defense. 

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m far from an Apple Fanboy. I’ve owned one iPhone, and now I have a Galaxy S2. I’d say I’m pretty neutral about what a fanboy is. I’m critical of Apple, not a blind follower.

  • Kraken

    It’s not that Apple Fanboy’s aren’t critical of Apple products.  Most are.  What makes them a “Fanboy” is that they will ONLY and exclusively buy Apple products.  For example, you’ll never see an Apple Fanboy with a PC.