Are You Still Searching for an iPhone 4?


The iPhone 4 launch in Canada was almost three months ago, and since then stock levels have been in short supply. With the official “end” of Apple’s Bumper Case Program at the end of September, it seems that iPhone 4 stock has magically come back to life in various parts of the country. Even Apple’s website has been updated to reflect faster shipping times.

So the poll question of the day is: Are you still searching for an iPhone 4 in Canada?

If you’re still looking for an iPhone 4, the best bet is to follow the tips from this Forums post.

Have you been affected by Rogers’ new hardware upgrade policy change, which requires you to be 30 months into a 3 year contract before getting a subsidy?


  • Elvis

    Just recieved my iphone4 on Thursday (September 21st) of this past week from the apple online store. On Friday I headed to the Square One apple store in Mississaga to buy some accessories and they had phones in stock even at mid day.

  • Junior Cortorreal

    Just got mine yesterday (Rogers) to find out that it didn’t come with a micro sim.

  • gerwen

    gave up and got mine from apple online

  • Jeff

    do you get your i4 exactly same date as it is stated on the order status check website or do you receive shipment early?

  • commandercool

    Found one at Best Buy, downloaded the case app (in mid-October) and received my free case a few days ago 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Apple always over estimates their shipping date so that it gives you some joy that you got it a few days early

  • Sunz

    Got mine on launch day 🙂

  • Sunz

    Got mine on launch day 🙂

  • Dags

    Got mine with no issues the day after the free bumper offer expired. What a shame

  • Theused

    that’s the beauty of buy from 3rd party dealership stores….

    those small “rogers wireless” store are accually random companies that do what they want. if you go to rogers plus, you would have got a mirco sim for free with ur phone

  • Anonymous

    Got mine on the last day of the free case program at Rogers. They didn’t have any microsims so I had to drive over to FS to buy a sim card and then went home, installed it and called Rogers to activate it. Downloaded the free app program that night and ordered my case and received it last week.

  • ReyT

    Got mine 2 days after the bumper/case offer expired. 2 days after, I went to the Apple website and saw the bumper case app link still there, downloaded it, chose my case, ordered it and it arrived last Thursday! Try it.

  • Elvis

    Hey Jeff. I ordered my iphone on Sept. 26th the shipping date on the website was Oct. 19th with delivery by Oct. 26th. The phone shipped on Oct. 18th and arrived at my door on Oct 21st 10:30am. I upgraded the shipping and it got here in 3 days. Others have had faster results for sure. I think the Thanksging day holiday may have slowed it up a day or two. Who knows. But the staff at Square One told me yesterday that they had “plenty” (his words, not mine) in stock and that was around lunch time.

  • Tz616379

    Got mine yesterday at a Rogers store in Newmarket :p

  • Jeff

    thanks alot Elvis, I ordered mine online on 16th Oct, the shipping date on the website is 1st Nov. I just hope they can ship early, CAN’t wait longer to get my hands on this gadget….I would just pray it comes early! Anyway, thanks alot for the information!

  • guest

    got mine at costco a month ago
    leave your name with them

  • Cgomboc

    Was one of the few and I mean few to get one on launch day in lethbridge

  • tzab10

    Can someone please tell me which Rogers store in Toronto now have them in stock.? The wait is unbearable.

  • Tenoarman

    Nope, I’ll try waiting until July for my contract to end and get an iP5. If I can’t wait that long, I’ll pick up an unlocked white iP4 from when avail. Rogers may or may not make exceptions for their HUP, but they’ve angered me so much that I won’t sign a contract with any Canadian carrier again.

  • Finally got mine about a week ago from Rogers in Cambridge (Hespeler Road location). They had 10 16GB models in stock at the time.

  • Elvis

    I know the wait is unreal.. longest few weeks ever!! This is my first smart phone and im still playing and learning. Very impressed so far.

  • i still dont understand why people are not just putting $50 down to be placed on a waiting list if they are still wanting one right now. you would have had it a long time ago already >.< . so many people i know have done that and are happily sitting at home with it as we speak. Visit your local Carrier and ask about it ^_~

  • Half_Pint

    Got my 32GB. Apparently the Case Program app still works too (for the time being).

  • I’ve had multiple Rogers outlets tell me that it’s not possible to put any names on a waiting list.

  • suckaaaaa!!

    Oh you guys here I am playing on my iPhone 4 while you guys are waiting….suckas!!!!! Best phone evaaaaa!!!!

  • True! I just ordered my free case and it worked fine. Thanks for the tip.

  • Dongski

    Ordered mine on 10th October and it still say Nov. 2 shipping date. Wow, you are earlier than mine.

  • aljo7

    Oakville Place Mall Rogers have lots of stock and seems to be the only place in the area that are getting plenty 32 g. Shipments come in Thursday and Friday.

  • Don

    The Apple Store located in Square One usually has iPhone 4’s in stock.

  • taikod

    My friend said that best buy at metro had Iphone 4’s. I am not sure what network they are for…but apperently there was 5 left.

  • Mike

    I had my name on two different Rogers waiting lists. Got my phone from the first place that called me.

  • Raash1

    Bell wanted to pt me on a waiting list……I signed up….they said it would probably be at least 2-3 weeks……really long list……same day was walking by a Source store and just thought I’d ask them if they had any in stock and sure enough……an hour later walked out with my new iphone 4 32gb… deposit back from the bell store the same day!
    Sometimes things happen randomly like that…after weeks of waiting.

  • Justin

    Nope, figured I only have to wait another 9 months and I can get the 4G or whatever the new one will be called :-S

  • riffic

    Got mine about a month ago now… love it! it was a day or two before the case program ended.

  • JimRodger

    One of the stores near me is taking $50 to be put on the waiting list. Not a deposit just a $50 “cost of admission” to be on the list. So many sheep out there.

  • WTF? Now that’s shady.

  • Rik

    I got mine 28 Sept I called Rogers retention when I saw a post on here. I orig bought the 3gs when it came out June 19 2009 the rep said he could get me one if I can wait 14 days because they were out of stock. I told him sure i could wait he ordered it on Tuesday and I had it in my hand Friday of the same week 32 gb for 269 or what ever the charge was for a brand new customer I guess I was lucky or just know how to be nice on the phone

  • Vivi

    Why wait? or even pay someone $50 to reserve for one?
    I mean… I see a whole bunch of people selling on Craigslist…
    At lower price, brand new, and even comes with receipt.
    It might not be the best way to get an iP4 but, it’s cheap, fast, and convenient
    Since you’re dealing locally, there are really little risks
    ( I am still trying to sell a brand new sealed unlocked Apple’s iP4… and couldn’t even sell it, I think I’ll just keep it)
    People love to think that they can buy a legit iP4 for $550 on Craigs… lol maybe for locked, 16gb and used ones
    Well, I think the stores should all have stocks in Vancouver now, so … maybe that’s why.

  • Craig Edward Jahner

    Got my iphone4 3 weeks back…Oct5th maybe.

    Applied for case program that day. Case shipped Oct 18th.

    Great phone.

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  • Tigger59

    I’ve had my iPhone 4 for a month but even then, it was almost 2 months after the launch date.

    Although I am no longer on the hunt, I still see “out of stock” signs posted at the front of Rogers stores. How many iPhones ARE they getting daily? weekly? Personally, I don’t think anything has changed.

    Let’s hope when the iPhone 5 releases, whenever THAT may be, it’s not going to be the same pain in the A**. I know I won’t be getting one.

  • Kyle


    And if your afraid of this.
    Have you been affected by Rogers’ new hardware upgrade policy change, which requires you to be 30 months into a 3 year contract before getting a subsidy?

    SIGN UP TO THE WARRANTY PROGRAM THEY HAVE. For $12.99 a month, you can take in your phone anytime its got a problem in and they will give you a new phone on the spot. You can even upgrade to the iPhone 5 using this method WITHOUT RENEWING YOUR CONTRACT.

  • Kyle

    You can even change between phones like iphone to blackberry to androids.

  • Fordomatic69

    I paid $50 at Bell as a Deposit and was put on the list. I got a call on Aug. 13 that “my” phone was in and I went and picked it up and received $50 off the phone.

  • Noyb

    I’m still trying to get an iPhone for Rogers. None of the Rogers stores have it, or the Apple Store. It’s ridiculous – by time it’s available the iPhone 5 will be out.

  • Anonymous

    Also had my name on a waiting list on a kisok in a Shoppers Drug Mart… they called when they got inventory in. Luckily Futureshop called first.

  • Jeff

    hi Dongski, just saw from the website saying prepared for shipment, I heard that they are shipping it from China…god, that’s a long way….hope you got your phone soon!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up, picking up a 32gb i4 from Apple Store yorkdale tomorrow. Can’t wait to order my free case. Have the selections changed since June?