Asus, Dell, Lenovo Mock Apple’s Redesigned MacBook



As pointed out by AppleInsider, Asus, Dell, Lenovo and other competing PC makers don’t seem much impressed by Apple’s all new MacBook, and are taking to Twitter mocking the company’s latest notebook for not being the slimmest, cheapest or highest-resolution on the market. Asus claims its ZenBook UX305 is even slimmer than the new MacBook, Dell notes its XPS offers higher resolution while Lenovo is calling the MacBook “#SoLastYear”.

Dell mocked the MacBook’s 12-inch Retina display, comparing it to the company’s XPS 13. “Our #DellXPS 13’s virtually borderless infinity display has 5.7M pixels – that’s 2M more than a 12″ retina display,” Dell said.

The XPS 13 is also 2 millimeters thicker and weighs in at 2.8 pounds, compared to the MacBook’s 2.03 pounds, factors unaddressed by Dell.

Lenovo was the most boastful, calling the MacBook “#SoLastYear.” “WE SEE YOUR [sic] thin laptop (#SoLastYear) & raise you 3 modes, 2 USB ports & a higher-resolution touch display,” the company wrote. Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro, a convertible laptop-tablet running Windows 8.1 and starts at $1,499. Like the others, it’s also notably heavier than the MacBook.

Back in 2008, PC makers reacted in a similar way to the original MacBook Air, though nobody really knew what to make of it at the time. As the source puts it, “it took three years and Intel’s $300 million Ultrabook program for the rest of the industry to start catching up”. It now remains to be seen whether a similar trail will follow the new MacBook, that features a new “Force Touch” trackpad, a single USB-C port and a 12-inch Retina display in its super thin chassis.

Earlier today, iFixit gave us a closer look at the new “Force Touch” trackpad, which is now also found in the refreshed 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and MacBook Air notebooks.



  • Mark Holoubek


  • Feel the power of the force (touch)!

  • Mark Holoubek

    So’s been pointed out before but it’s definitely verifiable: in any coffee shop, good number of Windows laptop users feel need to connect mice; you never see them with MacBooks

  • Dave

    And the correct ASUS photo while I’m at it!

  • Dave

    Which didn’t post!

  • Goldmember

    All the manufacturers are concentrating on the wrong things. All that matter is that if the laptop is gold. Gold is best!

  • G-Money41

    No need to [sic] that quote. It was grammatically correct.

  • f1ght3r

    Aren’t they staying ux305 and not yoga 3 pro

  • First they mock the one thing they can talk about, then they try to copy everything else they can’t do.

  • definingsound

    Maybe Gary sic’ed the “SHOUTING”?

  • kkritsilas

    All sorts of mockinig going on. Dell, Lenovo, and Asus are good at mocking Apple. We have this, that and the other thing. We are thinner. Yes, you have what you said, you are thinner. What is your run time? Why is your laptop 40% heavier than the MacBook? Not that I care for either, as I am not the intended market for any of these laptops, but in a market segment that emphases portability, this is pretty important.

    Given all of the PC maker’s advantages and advances, please answer the following: in a declining PC market, why is Apple increasing its share and sales of Macs in the PC market? I mean, Apple is so last year, the PC laptops are so much better, etc., etc. ad infinitum. Either users are idiots, or they are seeing something in the Apple lineup that you are failing to address with your own systems (you know, like real world usability, battery life, a more stable/secure OS, things that don’t really fit onto a spec sheet conveniently). Personally, I don’t think that users are idiots; they know what they want to use, and increasingly, it is an Apple system.


  • xxxJDxxx

    It took Apple years to realize that people wanted a bigger screen on their iPhones. Why don’t they understand the same is true of laptops? I don’t want a 12″ or 13″ laptop. If I want a 15″ macbook screen my only option is a retina pro STARTING at over $2000. I think they are missing out on a huge market of people who just want a bigger screen but don’t want to go into debt to get one.

  • Sandewb

    As a longtime Mac user/Graphic Designer/Media Editor I believe that it is about the user experience and the way that the apps work with each other and the finder. I believe that it is why the creative industry has always been dominated by Macs. As you had mentioned “real world usability”, I think this is the main factor. I have worked on PCs at couple of different companies throughout my career (20+ years) including my current job (2+ years) and can’t wait to get home to use my Mac.

    While the difference between Macs and PCs while in most apps (i.e. Adobe) is negligible, the big difference I find is how they interact with the finder vs. windows explorer, this includes moving files around, navigating through folders, customizing finder windows and creating alias’/shortcuts. Also moving and importing files while using the Adobe Apps.

    There are somethings that I find better on the PC but if I made and compared a list of the two, the Mac side would be much longer. And a few short comings on the Mac side I have found alternatives that turned out to be better. One example: I love the windows key/left or right arrows to split apps/windows to the left or right sides. I found an app for my Mac called “Better Snap Tool” and it is just like the key combo that I just mentioned above but is on steroids. Left half, right half, top half, bottom half, thirds, quarters and all can be quickly customized with key commands. I just find that I am much more productive designing and editing in the Apple environment.

    Stability and security are also important but the user experience (productivity) is number one.

    As for the regular market, I think more people are taking photos, making movies and listening to music than ever before and the bundled iTunes, iMovie and iPhoto (now Photos) make that much easier right out of the box, everything just “plays nice” together. Windows media player, movie maker and photo viewer are so last “20” years ago and should be taken out behind the proverbial barn and shot.